Instructions For Kissing (part 2)



Always make sure that you pay enough attention to intensive cigarettes, garlic smell, and yellow teeth. Also, try to become the owner of a toothbrush and use it to remove intensively any deposits on your enamel. Garlic may be beneficial for your health, but in the exchange of sweetnessgarlic smell, Instructions For Kissing (part 2), some might consider it bothersome.

garlic smell, Instructions For Kissing (part 2)It would be beneficial to refrain from eating pizza, spaghetti al Aglio e Oliogarlic smell, Instructions For Kissing (part 2) or similar favorite dishes, one or two days in advance.

As a side effect, this may also improve the relationships in your office with your boss and colleagues.

However, be aware of the fact that you might not be automatically recognized in the dark anymore!

A final remark directed at those who have decided to make a professional career of being a cowgirl or cowboy in Texas: It doesn’t suffice to shove your Marlboro to the corner of your mouth while kissing.

garlic smell, Instructions For Kissing (part 2)

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  1. Penny says

    Please go on dear!

    You have me mesmerized with your column – you are so funny, I wet myself…

    I wonder where you take us next!

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