3 Group Workouts to Increase Your Motivation


Increase Your Motivation

Increase Your Motivation

Group Workout Incentives: We’ve all been there. You’re thinking of leaving the house to go to the gym, or out for a run in 30-degree weather. But there’s something holding you back.

It’s no secret that it can sometimes be tough to get that extra incentive to work out when you’re by yourself. One answer to this predicament is to just power through and force yourself to workout no matter how hard it seems. Another is a bit easier and a lot more fun. Working out in a group can incentivize you to work harder than you ever have before and bring in the added values of teamwork to your routine.

Here are three ways working out in a group increases motivation.

Increase Commitment

When you are involved in a workout group, you are held more accountable for participating in the group exercises than you would be when exercising by yourself. In order for a team to function at its highest capacity, it needs a solid contribution from every member. When you are part of a team like a workout group, it becomes easy to sense how you are a trusted and valued member of the team.

With this sense of value and what you mean to the other members of your group, your commitment to the group rises because of just how important your presence becomes. With greater commitment comes greater motivation to attend each session, and with it, fear of how missing out on anything could bring negative energy to a group missing a member.

Brings Out a Competitive Edge

Exercising in a group also brings out a sense of competition among its members. How is this beneficial? When you are competing with others in the group, it is easier to find the motivation to work harder than you would have if you were by yourself. Being able to see and interact with direct competition increases your sense of urgency for pushing yourself to the edge of your limits.

Take a running group, for example. If this type of group were to end a running route with an all-out sprint to the finish line, it is safe to assume that you would be more likely to run quicker if you were racing against others at similar speeds than if you were trying to end a run in a sprint by yourself. Working out in a team brings out a type of motivation that is not only greater than the kind one has when working out by themselves but very hard to find when not surrounded by the competitive energy of others.

Fosters Habits of Exercise

Being in a community of exercisers brings about new possibilities to enhance your workouts from all types of insights you can gain from others in your group. Learning about helpful nutritional supplements, such as isolate protein, is one example of the many types of tips you can get from others in your group. They can also provide running routes that they like, observations on your form, and dietary tips.

No matter their backgrounds, a community of exercisers will increase your motivation to work out by inundating you with the lingua franca of hard work and effort. And when you reach a point where your habits change, suddenly the motivation you once had trouble mustering up to exercise often will seem like a distant memory.


Working out in a group can give you that extra boost of motivation that you never knew you needed. So why not try it? Whether you’re looking to increase your commitment to your workouts, gain a competitive edge, or foster more consistent exercise habits, working out in a group can revolutionize the way you stay in shape for the better.

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