I Hate Glass Jars!


If there is one thing that really gets to me, it’s not being able to get to the last remaining delicious scrapings of jam, peanut butter, or Vegemite out of the jar it’s sold in.

When I was a kid, companies used to offer their products in highly sensible glass containers like tumblers with a pop-top, or straight sided containers where the screw neck aperture was as wide as the jar’s body. Granted we had hundreds of spare tumblers and useful jars in the cupboards, but at least we could get to the bottom of the damned things, without leaving any food behind.

I’ve tried all manner of devices over the years to extract that last morsel out of whichever glass jar I had opened to make myself a sandwich. The trouble is that the neck is narrower than the jar’s body. The damned things have shoulders and waists where the last remnants of food hide, completely out of reach.

For everyone’s sake bring back sensible glass containers with no shoulders, or waists come to that. Enough is enough!

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