10 Tips to Plan for Your Graduation Party


graduation party

Graduation Party

Graduation is just around the corner. After all that work, you must celebrate it right. The following are a few tips to ensure you plan this right.

1. Choose the Date

You want to choose the date of the party as soon as you can. Try giving folks a month’s notice so that everyone can figure out how to make it to your party. Be sure you won’t move the date after setting it. It’s hard for some people to move their schedules around.

2. Getting the Rentals

Be sure to rent all the things you’re going to need for your big celebration, such as the location, tables, chairs, and whatever else you’re going to need to accommodate this party. It should be rented a month in advance or even sooner. You don’t want these types of things to be unavailable.

3. Buying the Necessities

You also want to purchase things you’ll need for your graduation party. You’ll need your frame for the diploma. After all, this is going to be holding the star of the celebration. Be sure to get one that matches your school, like if you went to Columbia, you want a Columbia University diploma frame.

4. Plan the Food

If the event is going to be catered, then make sure you get this done beforehand. You’ll want to do this at least a month in advance. This gives you time to take everyone’s preferences into account, such as a nut allergy. Plus, you’ll have time to talk to several caterers to get the best price.

5. Cleaning Services

One thing people always overlook is cleaning services. You’re going to need these services at some point unless you have a crew of willing friends who are eager to clean up afterward. If you’re holding the event at home, then you’ll need this service to make sure your home is ready.

6. Choose the Theme

Choose the theme because it’s a big deal. It makes decorations much easier since you have a plan to follow. You could go with the traditional graduation colors, which are black and gold. You could also choose seasonal colors. It’s all up to you; make sure that you stick to your theme to throw a cohesive celebration.

7. Work on Guests

At some point, you’ll need to work on the guest list. This part will take some time, but if you start early enough, you’ll get everyone to come that needs to be there. The last thing you want is for people to feel bad because you forgot to invite them. Think about your space and consider the food you’ll have to provide.

8. Mail Them Out

Sure, you could email your graduation invitations. That could work. Most folks are online anyways, but you could go the extra mile and mail some invitations out. Make it feel as memorable as the day is. Plus, not every person is online or as active as others online, which means some people may miss your invitation. Get your invitations out, and be sure they match your theme. Send them out at least three weeks before the event.

9. Plan the Events

People love little activities, and you should provide them. It makes your party more exciting and ensures everyone has fun. Maybe you can have a photo booth for guests. Maybe you can have games ready for your guests to play. Whatever you think might work, get that and ensure you have the materials to make it work.

10. Set Up Early

Try to set everything up a day or two days in advance. The sooner, the better. It gives you a chance to see if everything looks fine or if there’s still something missing. You still have time to address those minor issues because you set everything up early. This also gives you peace of mind because everything is ready. When the party gets here, all you have to worry about is having fun.

There you have it. These are some tips that could help you set up this party. Be sure to get some help. You need folks who can help you rather than slow you down. It would help if you had people with excellent organizational skills.

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