Folk Dancing Is Unreal!


Folk Dancing

Once a week I go dancing. But not just dancing. I go Folk Dancing!

The last time I folk danced, I was in third grade, once a week, in the long pause. It was for whoever wanted to join. Now I am 30 years old; again it came my way. In the beginning, I just sat there to listen to the music, you know keeping up with time.

Then I looked at the people’s faces as they were dancing, so happy, content with the movement and the music, floating their way to happiness. Come to think about it, folk dancing is a good way to enjoy the culture of your country.

Folk DancingOld and modern music are mixed to suit everybody’s style, plus a bit of your own. Dancing with the stars (in this case you are the star). I couldn’t understand how one can enjoy this, when in fact 99 percent of the people are ladies who are kissing up their forties.

Moreover, they were always fighting for who dances with who when there is a couple dance. Still, until this day it’s beyond my understanding how stupid it looks, chatting up a lady so that you could enjoy a dance. If only there were more men, who would like to join us, and that is a mission.

Oh, I forgot to mention: only 3 percent of us are lady-like. It all changed when I followed the first lesson, rusty with two left feet I survived. And, oh my god, how I enjoyed it in every bone of my body! Dancing to the music I grew up with, including all the styles that exist in the world, waltzes, steps, belly dancing, R&B, and many more. I get excited only writing about it!

People, if you like music and dancing, folk dancing is what you should do! Now I am one of the fanatics, who can’t miss a lesson. And still, I can’t ignore the challenge of being one of this group because I am one of many women that are extremely aware of being watched. The way I dress, my shoes, hair, smell (that is a big issue), gained weight or lost weight, if you know what I mean. And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

So I decided to go with the flow, although outside of the group I try to avoid gossip! I must admit here I can’t get this judging version of me that I am attempting to hide so hard in my everyday life; after all, they say that when in Rome you should act like a Roman.

In some cases, once you found someone to dance with she can’t let go, as if once you are teamed up with them you have signed your soul for life, and only a divorce license will get you off the hook. More ridiculously, as a matter of the fact, is that those dances are meant to be for a man and a woman, still you find yourself “shaking that ass” to a female!

All the above doesn’t stop me, and you can still catch me every week same place same time, dancing away proudly to the sound of my country’s music!

  1. Avatar of Fran Lewis
    Fran Lewis says

    The only kind of dancing that I could do was folk dancing in college and in grade school. I have two left feet and do my best to keep up with my teenage nieces when on the dance floor. They just stare at me and not let anyone know we are related. But, I make sure they do! This is a really great article that should inspire everyone to get up and give it a try. Folk dancing really is fun and my dad was always my partner. fran

  2. Avatar of Cannon
    Cannon says

    Intelligence and silmpciity – easy to understand how you think.

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