Feng Shui Entrance Foyer: Design Dos & Don’ts


Feng Shui Entrance Foyer

Your entrance starts right outside your door.

Feng Shui Entrance Foyer

Look at the environment surrounding your door and ensure your home entrance is clearly defined, well lit, and inviting.

Watch out for big trees, utility posts, or roads coming right at your door. Those send negative energies to your home.

You also ideally don’t want to be located in front of a cemetery, a crossroad, a bar, or any disruptive establishment.

Your front door is called the “mouth of Chi”.

The entrance is the space where Chi energy first enters. It is also the space where family and friends are welcomed.

That is were people get the first impression of your home and where you get the first feel when coming back from a long day of work outside.

It needs to feel inviting, bright, and free of clutter to let the maximum god energy come in to nourish your home and support your life.

Here are some great Feng Shui tips to keep your entrance sending you great energy


  1. Install good lighting and light color walls to brighten up the space and make it welcoming.
  2. Place a mirror on one of the side walls in your entry hall to enlarge the space and bring in more energy as well as inspirational artwork to help support your journey and life goals.
  3. Keep the entry clutter-free by removing shoes, boxes, luggage, children’s trolleys.


  1. Display a mirror right opposite the door. This bounces back the Chi energy out before it nourishes your home
  2. Keep a dirty all rug. Replace by a fresh welcoming new one and keep it tidy
  3. Let a damaged door or loose handle get in the way of your opportunities, repair and replace as needed.
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