Entertaining Your Children on a Long Trip


I think it can be very safely said that for many parents who are about to undertake a long drive with their children, will worry about how to keep them entertained during the journey.

A recent survey by Motors.co.uk asked what ‘white lies’ parents told their children when they misbehaved due to being bored while travelling:

‘A spider will come out and get them from under the seat’ is definitely one for younger children and one that is sure to make them sit still for the duration of the trip.

‘Threatening to throw the iPad out of the window’ is a good lie to tell the kids if they aren’t behaving as they must have their technology.

Children-on-a-Long-TripPlanning ahead is key to keeping them entertained and is sure to stop you from having to frighten them within an inch of their lives with a little white lie. Modern technology can be a positive bonus on a long journey as many vehicles now come equipped with screens fitted into a seats head-restraints which allow TV and game system access. For most of our technology savvy kids, this is enough to get them to concentrate on reaching the next level rather than saying, “are we there yet” every two minutes.

Many parents maintain that stopping regularly to allow for the obligatory lavatory break, stretch the legs, take a walk round the shops or to take some refreshment is the answer. Recent surveys have shown that parents who use this method never drive longer than two hours continuously. Indeed, some parents plan their trip to include places of interest along the way, breaking up the journey into a series of shorter excursions. It certainly makes the journey longer, but if the kids behave themselves it can be worth it.

Travelling through the night to reach the destination is favoured by some parents, the roads are usually free from congestion and less busy, the one thing that children hate more than travelling is being stationary, and during the night they are likely to be asleep anyway.

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