How to Dress Properly for a Casino Night


Casino Night

Casino Night

Today most casinos have a smart casual dress code. What they mean by that is you shouldn’t look too scruffy or too outrageous, in fact, you can get away with anything you want really.

However the phrase smart casual tends to give many people a great deal of trouble regarding interpretation which is hardly surprising as it is so ambiguous.

The look to aim for is smartly dressed but informal, something you may be used to if you have been to a casino before, however, those of you who prefer to frequent online casinos like JackpotCity may not be so clued up.

It is a matter of applying good taste, which of course is another ambiguity. What to some is good taste can be to others as the exact opposite. In fact, if you asked ten women to define their smart casual look you would be likely to get ten different answers.

You could consider smart casual as meaning striking a balance between what is smart and what is casual, and for all intents and purposes that are a reasonable working definition.

One huge question is whether or not smart casual includes jeans. Again there is no simple answer. While most casinos permit jeans for women, and in order to avoid charges of discrimination will today also allow jeans for men, the jeans need to be clean, smart, and fashionable; they certainly shouldn’t be ripped.

If you do decide to wear jeans then whatever you don’t match them with flip-flops and a T-shirt, especially one with any kind of slogan, logo, or artwork of any description. Other things to avoid are any clothes that could be taken as sportswear and avoid large tote bags too.

As well as the danger of turning up underdressed there is an equal danger in overdressing. You might well have seen images of handsome men dressed in tuxedos with glamorous women in evening dresses hanging on their arms, but that only happens in the movies, don’t expect it in real casinos where evening dresses are well over the top,

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