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6 Tips to Boost Energy Levels and Improve Concentration

Boost Energy Levels

Boost Energy Levels

Energy and concentration are the power of the mind. Your brain can both take and give you strength. Hence, it must be tightly controlled.

Teach it discipline. Always remember that the most critical moment in life is the present, and the most important person is the one with whom you are currently engaged.

Remove Factors that Steal your Energy

These include:

Introduce Foods that Boost Energy

Start Sleeping Enough

Good sleep is the foundation of high energy. You can do the rest from the above list, but if you do not get enough sleep, your energy will not increase. If you sleep a lot but always feel tired, move on to the other points of the program.

Defeat chronic fatigue by asking yourself if you overthink. Bad thoughts are the vampires of energy. Or are you trying to control everything? This is also harmful, especially to women. Women and men think differently. Men are simpler, and their minds are not able to pay attention to details. And the female does just that. Therefore, your mind can become a source of both great wisdom and emotional instability and suffering. To stop thinking about nonsense, start breathing more consciously – a slow breath in your stomach and an equally slow exhale.


Sex can both give and take energy. It is essential to focus on the time of year. In spring and autumn, it is better to have sex no more than once every three days. In the summer – every 10-15 days (the element of Fire predominates in summer. Sex also increases fiery energy, and if you engage in it too often in the heat, it will take too much power from the body). And in winter, when the body seeks to accumulate as much energy as possible (therefore, this time of year is best-suited for conception), you can love each other without limits – this will be an excellent warm-up.

Boost your Energy with Relaxing Meditation

Do not be afraid of the wordmeditation.” To master its simplest options, neither money nor a lot of time is needed. And it is not necessary to be a Buddhist or to practice yoga intensively. Just learn to slow down your mind, and your energy will be replenished regularly. A few minutes a day will be enough. For example, learn to focus your attention on something that helps you relax.

A beautiful object is suitable – imaginary or (which is better) real. For example, an apple or a bottle of wine is something you can focus on (a candle is not the best option). It is better to choose an object of green or blue color, they are beneficial for the eyes, as they have a cooling property.

Energy meridians connect the eyes to the liver, which is associated with the element of Fire, which is why they continuously need cooling. Look at this subject, not looking up, focusing on it all your attention, all your thoughts, and as if absorbing its shape, texture, shades of color. You will not notice how your mind calms down.

Playing Sports

There is a small paradox. To increase your energy, you must use it for something. A strange but scientifically proven fact. I think that the thing is that physical exercises supply cells with oxygen. Toxins are actively released, and muscle mass improves the sensitivity of cells to insulin, which means it increases your energy level. Bonus – energy is distributed evenly, even if you ate something too sweet.

The emotional side of the issue here is also crucial: after exercising, you are filled with a sense of accomplishment and pride in yourself. And positive emotions increase energy! That’s the whole secret.

You do not need to climb Mount Everests immediately, just start with something easier. For example, promise yourself to do fitness twice a week, or start with seven minutes of exercise in the morning. There are useful mobile apps to help you get started with training if you’re a complete beginner.

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