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Betting Your Life

Betting Your Life

Betting Your Life

The most questionable question of all times would be: What’s the difference between men and women?

I think I never heard or read a satisfying answer. It’s pretty clear that the difference exists, only what it is or how to deal with it is still an open question. You see couples and singles trying to live with the opposite gender, and still wondering every day what should they expect from the other, how he/she will react or what does the other feel.

Try to look at yourself, you are living with someone, you love, you care about. You built a home, a life, maybe children, it’s a long-term relationship, but it’s like living in the casino!

Every time you gamble, a subject is shooting in the air and then the dial is spinning and while it’s spinning you try to find the good reaction, hoping to win this round, every time it’s hitting you all over again, have I won?

You choose to live the rest of your life guessing how not to disappoint your partner. You are a VIP member in your own casino, and just like in a casino, if you don’t bet right you might end up “losing your pants.

It doesn’t matter how good or experienced you are, whether you have just joined or playing for a long time, the chances are, all the same, you might win it all today, but tomorrow is a new day. Sometimes you score and might feel lucky until the wrong number falls then you are back where you started.

So who knows the opposite gender and can give us the rules to win every day? And if you are the one who speaks out, helps all of us, and if you are not…

I say good luck!

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