11 Ways to Manage Your Energy While Having a Family


Manage Your Energy

Manage Your Energy

When you have a family, it’s easy to feel run down and worn out. The kids will run you ragged, the housework will feel like it’s piling up, and your job doesn’t wait for anyone.

Every parent feels like this at some point, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it.

To give you plenty of food for thought, we’ve put together a list of the 11 best ways to manage your energy when you have a family. That way you’ll be able to recharge your batteries and get the most out of every day.

Don’t isolate yourself from your friends

It can be so easy to withdraw from your social circles and spend all of your time torn between work and home. Plenty of us do it, but it’s just not that healthy when you get down to it.

Your friends will provide you with some balance so that you don’t feel like you’re always on the move. Organize a fortnightly get-together and stick to it. That way you’ll end up naturally being invited to dozens of other fun things to do throughout the year. Just remember, adults need time to relax too!

Work with your partner, and present a united front

Your partner is your partner, so work with them to put on a united front for the kids. If you have a different opinion on a particular aspect of parenting, make sure you discuss it before trying to implement it. Because you won’t be endlessly contradicting one another, you’ll find that you have a lot more energy left when the little ones are in bed for the night.

Keep the family home tidy as best you can

De-cluttering your life means different things to different people, but as a parent, it’s something you need to try sooner rather than later. It can be as simple as keeping the home tidy so that you can sit and relax in the evenings. There’s a lot to be said for simple things like making your bed, putting the dishes straight in the machine, and tidying up before you go to bed.

If you do all of these little things often enough, they’ll become habits that make your home neat and tidy without much effort.

Take up a new exercise routine to get yourself energized

It sounds a bit counter-intuitive that working up a sweat and tiring yourself out can make you feel energized, but it’s true. Look at any high-energy person, and they’re likely to be in great shape. The thing about exercising is that it releases hormones that make you feel calm and happy. Exactly what you need to do when you want to embrace the day and bounce out of bed the moment your alarm clock goes off.

Practice positive affirmations first thing in the morning

Repeating simple positive messages in the morning is the best way to start the day happy. Say out loud five things you have to be thankful for, and five things you can look forward to that day. It’ll make such a difference to your mindset that you won’t believe how much extra energy you have.

Have a little me-time at least once a week

Making yourself happier is something that not many parents spend all that much time thinking about. Your focus is on your little one’s night and day, and you often take a backseat to the events that unfold in the family home. Take some time to go for a walk, watch a TV show, or read a book for half an hour. It’ll enable you to switch off, focus on yourself, and recharge those batteries.

Focus on eating healthily every single day

You are what you eat as the old saying goes, which means if you want to boost your energy, you need to watch what you eat. Too many people confuse eating healthily with going hungry and sacrificing flavor, but that couldn’t be more wrong.

Here are three ways you can embrace healthy eating:
– Make a fresh fruit smoothie every morning
– Never heard to the supermarket on an empty stomach
– Replace chocolate bars and crisps with nuts and fruit

Take a multivitamin with your breakfast

This one couldn’t be much simpler, could it? A multivitamin is a great way to supplement your new diet by giving your body everything it needs to feel on top of the world. Iron can increase your energy levels overnight, and Vitamin C is perfect for keeping energy-sapping colds at bay. Give it a try, and you’ll never want to go a day without one ever again.

Give a lot more thought to your sleep quality

The simple truth is that if you want to have more energy, you’re going to have to pay a lot more attention to your sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential if you want to be able to recover from the day and get ready for the morning. It’s the foundation on which every happy life is built, so here’re three changes you can make right now:

– Don’t take your phone to bed because all it does it keep you up at night
– Read for half an hour and avoid screens so that your brain can wind down
– Install a blackout blind so that you’re not woken up during the night

Treat yourself to some new clothes and a meal out once a month

Having something to look forward to is the best way to keep your energy and motivation sky high over the long term. If you have a table booked in a couple of weeks, and a new outfit hanging in your wardrobe, you’ll find you naturally feel more positive. That newfound positivity will breed self-confidence and restore your energy levels, and just generally have you enjoying life; no matter how hectic it gets.

Keep a bottle of water with you

The final thing that you need to do is keep a bottle of water with you. Fizzy drinks and caffeine may give you an instant energy boost, but crashes quickly follow them. If you want to feel great right throughout the day, staying hydrated is critical.

Your concentration levels can drop by 20% if you’re just 1% dehydrated, so get into a regular sipping habit. That way you won’t feel like you’re continually fighting low energy levels until it’s time to crawl back into bed at night.

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