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Waist Management: A Job for Life

Waist Management

Waist Management

There are so many misconceptions involved when it comes to the word, “Dieting”.

More and more everyday obesity in America is a growing problem, no pun intended. Women and men have great anxiety over their appearance. The anorexic Hollywood types brand an image in our heads as to what society deems attractive.

Often when the average person cannot achieve the distorted view of beauty they eat. Usually this is symptomatic to eating disorders, whether you are gaining too much or losing it too fast both have dangerous outcomes.

Our society is a fast-paced one and Americans have little or no patience. Fad diets or pills are consumed at alarming rates in order to reach their weight goals quickly. Majority of these methods do not work.

Occasionally you may drop the weight for a period of time, but this can lead to an even greater risk of weight gain when you go back to your normal eating habits. It is time to look at dieting in a fresh new way, the way that makes sense for each individual needs.

The most damaging thing to us in most cases is self-perception. What we say is acceptable versus what our individual body types need as functional healthy people is usually grossly inaccurate.

Maybe you want to lose weight to fit in your skinny jeans, or look good in a bathing suit for the summer. All these reason for losing weight are temporary solutions to a prolonged low self-esteem issue.

There is only one reason why anyone should ever want to diet and that is to be healthy. Being fit and pleasing to the eye of yourself and others comes effortlessly by simply keeping your health in check.

So maybe it is the word diet that is scaring everyone. We need to stop hurting our bodies with pills and depriving ourselves of carbs. It is time to learn what really makes our bodies function to their fullest potential. First and foremost exercise is the key.

A person could almost eat anything they wanted if they are burning more calories than they are eating. Exercise can help you get better-rested sleep. It builds stamina and energy. This combination aids the brain in staying more sharp and focused.

Getting your heart rate going is the best way to boost your metabolism. A Cardio exercise gives your metabolisms that boost that works throughout the day even when you are not exercising. Speed walking, running, working out with a punching bag, spin classes and any sort of aerobics is the best source of cardio. A one-hour work out at least four to five times a week trains your metabolism to work even when you are sleeping.

This will be an ongoing process; you can’t stop exercising after you lost the ten-pound goal you set for yourself. Make your exercise something you enjoy doing. Do not discount hiking, tennis, softball, any sports or activities that are excellent sources of exercise and enjoyable enough to make you want to do it as much as possible.

Often we get discouraged with conventional exercise at public gyms. If your one of those people maybe you can find a more comfortable activity that would encourage you to continue. This is so you don’t fall in the trap of starting to make up excuses of being to busy, rather than actually making the time for a little fun. Staying active is vital to your health and should be an ongoing process.

Think about it, if it works why would you stop? Along with any good exercise plan there should be a good eating plan too. Fruits are great energy foods; vegetables are excellent tools for fighting disease and illness.

Nuts provide fiber that maintains healthy cholesterol levels particularly almonds. These are just a few examples of healthy food choices. Always buy fruit and vegetables from the produce aisle, buy fresh not from a can. Canned foods lose their luster and have been stripped of the nutrients your body needs.

There is no law that says you can’t splurge and treat yourself sometimes. When you have your chocolate fits, eat dark chocolate versus milk chocolate. Special dark is full of antioxidants that cleanse your body of harmful toxins.

If you are having a sweet tooth, eat grapes, or blueberries these are naturally sweet to taste and will satisfy your sweet tooth sufficiently instead of eating a Twinkie or a candy bar.

Yogurt is a good source of calcium and assists your body in creating good bacteria that helps fight infection, stomach viruses and the common cold. If you have the ability the best way to start eating right is to consult a dietitian so they can sit down with you and make an ongoing eating plan one that will suit you from this point forward.

The things you drink can potentially carry more calories than some foods. Liquids are often overlooked and rarely counted as calories taken in. But the calories do add up and you would be amazed at the weight loss results by simply cutting back on sodas, alcohol and designer coffees.

Making wise choices and educating yourself as to what is actually going into your body will be enough to set your mind straight. Good living promotes better attitude, calmer disposition, and good complexion and in general a more balanced and happier life.

The beautiful people’s club is not out of reach for anyone it only takes a lifestyle change to get you there and keep you there.

Say good-bye to old habits and welcome a new, healthier life. The best way to achieve that is to stop dieting and simply change your habits. Make a plan to eat healthy and exercise from today and every day after. Make sure it is a livable plan that you are comfortable doing forevermore and stop worrying about dropping the pounds that will come naturally when you start living healthy.

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