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Vaccines May Not Last Forever

There is always a reason to write an article such as this, and perhaps bring about more thought to the topic of the issue, this one; Vaccines.

The majority of vaccines began during the fifties including the polio vaccine after the failure of the first polio vaccine of the 30’s.  Polio began in 1916 and continued to hit children the hardest during a hot summer when children with symptoms, sometimes carried into medical centers around the country. During World War II, doctors were surprised when a break out of polio happened over seas in an area where people never had one case, but the soldiers came down with polio. 

More research and more questions raised, while back home a scientist found a vaccine in the fifties, a live polio vaccine which would not only give immunity to those receiving it but to those around them as they breathed, sneezed, touched hands, etc.  (Note:  Today when a mother, father, or guardian are asked if they prefer the live vaccine, most answer no.  Some doctors will not give a live vaccine to a child under specific circumstances.)     

The vaccine during the fifties seemed to place a halt to polio except for those who for some reason came down with the disease by given the vaccine.  Perhaps the disease was already in their systems and the vaccine only brought it to the surface.  The only good thing about such cases, the majority had a lighter case of the disease, and usually recovered.  So when we compare the vaccine in the thirties, we see a huge difference when the live vaccine was given, as said, protecting the children and their families.  Prior to the new vaccine many people died, lived the rest of their life inside an iron lung, or completely, or partially paralyzed. 

It was in the eighties when I went to work at a hospital and each new employee had to be tested to see if they were immune to the diseases, such as measles, etc., before working at the hospital, to my surprise my tests showed no immunity. We must investigate this matter to stop another out break.  Recently on the news a strange out break of polio occurred, and nothing more mentioned.  These people, the first to receive vaccinations, could be the first to lose it and gain one of the diseases they were protected from in the past. Children given vaccines from the fifties on to the seventies are at question, how long does a vaccination to certain diseases last inside a persons’ body?  We do not know.

Not only was I surprised, I recalled the past.  My sibling came down with polio from the live vaccine, and suffered with a mild case.  Being older than me, and my mother working for our family doctor, I wondered how she felt giving her second child vaccines after what happened to her first.  In grade school, when we all lined up and the doctor would check us over; watch us walk, look down our throats, cough and so forth – the school doctor never failed to tell me to move to one side and wait for all the other children to be examined.  I knew what followed, a phone call to my mother.  My mother insisted I had all my vaccinations, and proper papers then sent to the school nurse.  I remember them searching all over my arms for the vaccination mark, and never finding one.  Today the vaccination mark is clear, especially when you have a slight tan, it shows up, but was it from the second dose – perhaps, my mother was frightened to expose the live vaccine to her second child, or would she forge records, working for our family doctor? 

When re-vaccinated in the eighties, I asked the question to the nurse, “Why do some people lose immunity to certain diseases which we were vaccinated for – and thought to last a lifetime?”

I knew my own answer, and I am sure you, the reader knows too.  Being the first group of children to be vaccinated, no one knew, nor do they today, (or they are not telling us) if the vaccines do last a lifetime.  So I continued with more questions, what else could cause someone to be immune to specific diseases and then lose the immunity? 

Out of her mouth came the second reason, “Certain medications can remove the immunity to many of the vaccinations.”

This surprised me, and no one ever speaks about such a scenario, could a common medication wipe out your protection once given by vaccinations?  I jumped on the band-wagon, and began writing to people who took the nurses word with a grain of salt.  No doctor would admit vaccines did not lose their potency after a certain number of years, although, no other group of people could be tested but those who received vaccines from the fifties and begin testing at the age of thirty.    

Now I wondered about the new diseases, or the outbreak of so many people with different diseases without names, even diseases with names but with various levels of the disease.  I was wondering if the vaccines from the fifties had begun to wear off, and those coming down with a disease, which would bring on similar symptoms but varied in each individual, could be the answer to unknown diseases.  Once more, no one listened, although I did open the eyes to some doctors.

I believe, if one person could lose their immunity after given a vaccine; doctors having no answer as to how long a vaccine will last, there must be thousands of people in this identical situation – and what if those suffering with diseases with many names, lumped together, or even no name, are suffering due to the lack of vaccines for protection?

To protect yourself and your family I would suggest American’s and foreigners, (due to travel during this day and age) be tested for immunity.  The actual date when something could wear off depends on what causes it to ware off in the first place.  If it is true that certain medications can wipe out the immunity, (which I did take during the early eighties) then everyone who took this medication could be at risk.   It could also be  a nurse was guessing and heard something about a medication doing this – so the only  reasonable way to find what causes this is a simple blood test.

Insurance companies should be aware of this matter, and make it a priority for all their patients to be tested at ten-year intervals from thirty years after the vaccination and every ten years in the future.  Perhaps by this time a real explanation will be available to the public.  The cost of prevention to the insurance company is in the credit column of their accounting. 

By revealing this on line to hundreds of thousands of people – we could be finding a cure to some of the diseases we find on the increase – could it be a new disease created from the old disease yet presenting itself in a different way?

No need to take a chance if you fall into the age group, if your vaccination given thirty years ago, ask your family doctor for a test, see if your vaccines are still working for you.

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