The Word Made Flesh


Finally, after years of finding them creepy, I understand why some people get tattoos.

I understand the significance of the pain, the beauty of the self-expression and the power of their till-death-do-us-part permanence. My change of heart is all because of this amazing website about literary tattoos called: The Word Made Flesh.
The Word Made Flesh - tattooed womanI now see why carrying around an ink sketch and a few words on your body as though you were a living document, can bring joy and even resolve emotions that cannot be expressed unless they are there for all to see on the most intimate and unique canvas – your own skin.

And I understand how a tattoo can expose your very soul, seeping out from the depths of your body.

These literary tattoos have me waxing poetic. I may have to get one.

Isn’t writing your thoughts on your flesh a lot like putting them on paper after all? Isn’t it a way of being what you say you are, of saying what you’ve become? Isn’t it another path to authorship?

Choose your tattoo with care. And check out this link to The Word Made Flesh. It might make you smile.

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