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The Foods of Love

The Foods of Love

Oysters, chocolate and… asparagus? Here’s the steamy truth about foods and their amorous properties!

Casanova ate raw oysters daily and Marc Antony fed Cleopatra grapes to get her in the mood. Foods that purportedly increase sexual desire or performance have been a part of our cultural lore for centuries.

Pleased to eat you

Foods that purportedly increase sexual desire or performance have been a part of our cultural lore for centuries. These foods of love may increase sexual desire or performance and can act as aphrodisiacs.

Some foods, such as chocolate and chilis, are valued for their physiological effects, like heat or euphoria, thought to mimic the flush of being in love. Other foods are prized for their erotic shapes or textures (think bananas and oysters).

Making a meal for someone shows there are caring and commitment. Interactive food, like fondue, or dishes that have to be eaten with your hands, like san choy bau can be sensual – and if all else fails, there’s always chocolate which has psychological associations with decadence and sin – the ultimate shortcut to seduction!

Classic aphrodisiacs

Ready to get started? Here are some classic aphrodisiacs and healthy ways to work them into a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner:
Oysters They’re loaded with zinc and are believed to have a positive effect on the male libido. Have them shucked, then arrange the half-shells on a tray of crushed ice and serve with fat-free sauce: mix together rice vinegar, chopped ginger, chopped chives and a squeeze of lemon juice.


It’s pricey — but very worth the splurge. If cracking them at the dinner table doesn’t make your heart thump, remove the meat ahead of time, mix with mango, red onion and a light dressing of lime juice, fish sauce, 1 tsp of brown sugar and a chopped red chili. Scoop into lettuce cups.


According to folklore, its vaguely suggestive shape drives women wild. Combine with mushrooms and saffron for a heavenly risotto — just skip the finishing butter. Lazy day option: Spray asparagus with olive oil spray and roast until tender; sprinkle with sea salt, lemon zest, and chopped parsley.


Certainly, they make you hot and sweaty. Whip up a spicy salsa to feed to each other on crackers, or spoon on top of grilled white fish or chicken breasts for the main course. Just chop a large red chili (which isn’t very hot) with tomatoes, onions, and coriander.


It contains the potentially mood-enhancing stimulant phenylethylamine, which is thought to relieve depression — and the Aztecs swore by it. You don’t need much — halved pears poached in a light sugar and water syrup and drizzled with melted chocolate is elegant and delectable. Alternatively, break up a small, high-quality dark chocolate bar enjoy with dried apricots and figs.


They’re juicy — causing you to lick your lips a lot. Make individual trifles by layering sliced berries with low-fat ricotta whipped with vanilla extract and a little honey. Or simply drizzle over some honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

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