Unwanted Effects Associated With Sleep Deprivation


Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation

You already know that not sleeping properly makes you feel foggy and grumpy all the time.

You might not know that it can also alter your memory, sex life, looks, and most importantly, the ability to lose weight. Sleep deprivation can be responsible for several unwanted problems. Given below is a list of the defects associated with sleep deprivation.

Sleep deprivation can lead to accidents

This phenomenon is one of the unwanted sleep disorders which can lead to several unwanted accidents. It was the cause of one of the biggest disasters of history, which is the 1979 Chernobyl disaster. Studies have revealed that loss of sleep and low quality of sleep is responsible for accidents as well as injuries when you are on your job. If employees are not getting enough sleep, their activity will fall significantly. On the other hand, according to entrepreneur.com, sleeping properly leads to higher productivity.

Sleep loss is responsible for making you dumb

Sleep is responsible for playing one of the most critical roles in learning as well as thinking. When you are not able to sleep properly, it will be responsible for hurting the cognitive process in several ways. Firstly, it will be responsible for impairing attention, concentration, problem-solving, reasoning, etc. These facts will make it extremely difficult for you to learn everything efficiently.

Sleep deprivation can be responsible for health problems

Sleep deprivation, as well as a chronic loss of sleep, can be responsible for unwanted health problems. These health problems include:

  • Heart diseases
  • Heart attack
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Heart failure
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes

According to individual relevant records, almost 90% of people from different parts of the globe suffer from insomnia.

Sleeplessness is responsible for killing sex drive

According to sleep specialists, not getting enough rest at night is also responsible for killing the sex drive of both men and women. Both genders have reported lower libidos as well as less or no interest in sex. The reason behind this is depleted energy, increased tension, and sleepiness. It is why you should appropriately understand the consequences and risks of sleep deprivation.

It can lead to depression

With time, not being able to sleep properly can also lead to depression. One of the most common sleep disorders, insomnia, is responsible for having the most definite link with depression. You need to know that insomnia is the very first symptom that is associated with depression.

Lack of sleep will age your skin

Most people have puffy eyes and sallow skin, which makes them look ugly. Therefore, if you are not getting enough sleep, it can lead to dark circles as well as fine lines under your eyes, which is something that you do not want.

Loss of sleep can lead to forgetfulness

If you are interested in keeping your memory sharp, you need to sleep properly. However, if you are not getting enough sleep at night, there is no denying the fact that you will face several unwanted problems.


Sleep deprivation can lead to all the health problems mentioned above and more. Ensure that you are concentrating on getting a good rest at night so that you can function properly throughout the entire day.

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