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I started with Pilates lessons and it really works!

For so many years I have been saying that I should get in shape, or rather BACK in shape.

I am 32 and for the past 4 years, I have been so busy with our twins that there was no time for sports or hobbies. So finally a friend forced me to go with her to a Pilates class.

It was very difficult. The next day I was extremely sore. My first thought was: no way am I going to torture myself twice a week. But I did continue and I have been going to classes for the past three months.

The results are already showing. In fact, it showed after 4 or 5 classes! I look better (flatter stomach) and I have a much better posture. Also, my blood pressure was high when I started and now it came down significantly. So all you readers out there: give Pilates a chance. It worked for me!

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