22 One-Minute Tricks To Lose Weight


One Minute Tricks To Lose Weight

22 One-Minute Tricks To Lose Weight

Try The Following:

  1. Do stuff while you are on the phone: do the dishes, water the plants, dust the house. Keep moving!
  2. Make yourself a fruit cocktail with your favorite fresh juice and mix it with sparkling mineral water. This way, you save about 85 calories per glass.
  3. Chew gum! Research revealed an increase in the metabolism of 20% in people who chew (sugar-free) gum all day.
  4. Drink a cup of green tea before taking a walk. Green tea frees fatty acids, in order to burn fat more easily. The Polyphenols, in combination with the caffeine in green tea, will make you burn more calories.
  5. Study the ingredients of candy more carefully. If you see that a Mars bar or a bag of M&Ms easily contains 70 kcalories per ounce (220 cal/100 grams) and you multiply that with the weight of the candy bar, chances are you won’t be tempted.
  6. Eat out less often.
  7. Put olive oil on your sandwiches instead of butter or margarine.
  8. Instead of mayonnaise, use 1/2 spoon of Balsamico, 1/2 a spoon of olive oil, and 1/2 teaspoon of mustard.
  9. Have your blood tested: one in every 12 women has a low thyroid function resulting in a slower metabolism.
  10. Always have a bottle of water in reach, and use it all day. If your body does not hold the right amount of water, your metabolism slows down 3%.
  11. Drink no-fat milk. This will fill your stomach with carbohydrates and decreases your appetite.
  12. Cut your salad into larger pieces. You will chew more and longer, resulting in eating less of the main course.
  13. Call a friend to ward off loneliness or boredom instead of eating a box of chocolates.
  14. Don’t sit still for longer than 5 minutes. By wiggling and walking up and down, you can burn up to 700 calories a day!
  15. Buy food in small quantities.
  16. Use the right amount of spaghetti: one dollar diameter a person.
  17. Have a mirror present when you eat sweets. You will eat 50% less!
  18. Wrap all fatty foods (pizza, pork chops, French fries) in kitchen paper before serving.
  19. Spice up your meals. You will eat less.
  20. Write down what you eat during the day, and get more control over your eating habits.
  21. Don’t use “light” foods. The satisfaction you get from food is linked to its weight, not the amount of fat or calories it contains. Better stick to oranges, strawberries, melon, spinach, or broccoli to lose weight.
  22. Eat fish instead of meat. Even the greasiest fish contains fewer calories than the leanest meat. Salmon, Tuna, mackerel, etc. contain omega 3, which increases your metabolism.
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