Obamacare and the New America


Now that the election is over, here’s what’s coming from the “Obamacare” mandate: Job Loss.

The company I work for is planning on possibly reducing our 500 full-time American workers by laying off about 150 and changing another 200 to part time. We may also totally drop all company-sponsored health insurance plans which will put the remaining employees out on their own to buy whatever coverage they can find and afford in a government controlled market.

american-eagleMy company makes about $450,000 per year producing consumer products made and sold in America and already provides group health insurance plans (HMO and PPO) available to every employee and their families. The Obamacare mandate will cost the company an additional $1,000,000 per year. Get the picture? The company has to either fire, lay off, change lots of employees to part time or shutter the doors and go home leaving all 500 without a job.

And our company is not alone. At a business convention a few months ago, our HR Director interviewed 100 medium and large companies about this issue and found that 71 are planning a similar reorganization. Many have already started reducing their American workforce.

I think every American business person is looking for another answer but so far it appears that raising prices to the consumer and firing workers might be the only way to keep many businesses afloat in such a competitive market. And so, in a couple of years, we’ll see who survives and who does not.

Perhaps this change is good. You, the average worker and family, will be able to choose who you will buy your health insurance from. However, you and your doctors will never be able to choose what your needed treatments will be ever again. But worry not. The Federal Government will tell you what medical services you are allowed to receive. They know how to do this better than your doctor… Right? Of course, they do.

Oh, and you can’t get away with no insurance coverage either. When you file your taxes, you will have to show proof that you are enrolled in the one-size-fits-all plan approved by the federal government. It’s mandatory, starting Jan. 1, 2014. If you can’t show proof, the IRS will withhold your refund. If you have been going without insurance, or your employer drops coverage, your options will be enrolling in Medicaid (if you’re eligible) or buying a government-approved health plan on your state health exchange.

And so, my friends, welcome to the new America.

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    Robert Politz says

    Hmmmm, guess I should have written something along the erotic or sensual lines instead of what’s happening in politics and health care. {;p)

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    Robert Politz says

    Follow up:

    We have worked out a solution so, at least for now, all our employees will be keeping their jobs. Once our U. S. Congress and Administration decides who can afford to stay in business and who cannot, we’ll have to adjust accordingly.

    And so, we will comply with all the new regulations to ensure that there will be a continuing income/employment for our 487 employees through this year and into the next. Our company will operate at a slight loss but our people will be able to count on paying their bills and taking care of their families. And that, my friends, is the most important thing we do… together… as a team.

    R. H. Politz

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