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Its common for today’s women to want larger breasts, especially when you have beautiful women like Christina Hendrix on the popular tv series MADMEN. She maybe credited with a sudden sharp rise in breast augmentation, it has been reported in Britain a record of 9,430 women opted for the Breast augmentation in 2009.

That was a 10 percent uplift from 2009. Surgeons suspect the trend due the rising star’s popularity. She has this natural hourglass curves to her that has sparked renewed interest in breast augmentation

Though breast implants have been around for many years there is a steady growing alternative to breast implants. It’s called natural breast enhancement, a method perfected by Miami Breast Surgeon Dr. Roger Khouri, MD, FACS.  The procedure does away with cutting up the patient and replaces it with injecting fat harvested from the patient’s body. This innovative technique allows for natural breast augmentation. Dr. Khouri has disccussed his proven technique at the Baker Gordon Symposium where he was invited to speak for the popular event and will also be presenting his proven studies at the Fat Graft Convention this Sunday.

The Fat Graft technique could be what the cosmetic industry needs. Breast implants have been battered with bad press as of yet and even has FDA concerned about the disturbing link between implants and a rare form of cancer. Most surgeons will agree that fat graft technique is ideal compared to the process of breast implants. There are a lot of complications with implants such as the body rejecting them, high risk of rupturing after surgery and additional surgery needed due to their short life span. It’s not a do-it-once and forget about it, it is something that has to be constantly checked and maintained.

The Fat Graft technique is a great opportunity to achieve natural breast enhancement without worrying about further issues. It’s actually a dream come true for most women who want the benefit of liposuction.  Take this and put it there, it’s almost surreal but the finding has been backed up. Dr. Khouri has performed the procedures on hundreds of women with promising results.

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    Andrew Sacks says

    Thank you for posting. All women should do careful and intelligent research before deciding on such procedures. This looks like one good option.

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