Me and My Allergy


Me and My Allergy

My Allergy

“Me and my allergy – We go together – In all kinds of weather.” 

It is my considered opinion that everybody is allergic to something. Fortunately, many of us will never know what. For those of us who do know what we are allergic to, it can be awkward trying to avoid contact.

I first found out I was allergic to Pectin (Yellow coloring), when I had a reaction to a lemon curd tart. I used to love them but have had to avoid them over the years.

In recent times this Lemon allergy has got to the point were I cannot even smell lemon scents without sneezing, whether incense sticks of household products like cleaners if they have lemon scents I will start to sneeze.

When I went to visit my late friend Faye in Canada, we were worried that with the different air and farming techniques used I would have a violent reaction. All that happened was I had a slight sniffle for a few days.

One of my other allergies is ladies who use masses of perfumes, there is nothing worse for me than to be stuck on a bus and to smell them, many times it has given me the most horrendous migraine.

More on reducing the severity of allergic reactions here.

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