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This is the time to bring up the subject I wrote partially about within the pages of my blog, but those words must be heard load and clear, now.  They must be understood as truth, and not political retoric – and it is not one state but the entire country. 

As we are drawing closer to the November election we have to know the truth, not heresay, not gossip, not party tricks, or pundits – we need to do something to save the future of health care, for Seniors, for young people, for familys, and for life.

One afternoon the phone rang while I was writing and I usually do not pick up the phone but this came across as a conference call from AARP.  Since I once spoke with the Late Senator Ted Kennedy in Boston to five hundred people from fanuiel hall, for Save Our Security – my interest in health care for seniors, and all people has remained a top priority.

medicareWhat would happen to all those parents of baby boomers, and to the baby boomers stretching many decades, who gave each portion of their paycheck to a program to secure their health care during their retirement years.

It bothers me to hear any side of the political parties fighting over what is only right, since money was given to these programs for security to workers making much less then they make today.  They barely keep up with the cost of living, let alone never get any rasies, I believe the largest cost of living raise in many years came to about five dollars a month.  This happened several years ago – today they argue about the system failing.  Follow the three questions I pose to you about Social Security and Medicare and come to your own thoughts about what’s happening in our country to a program which is made up from our very own money, earnings, over many years.

First, the conference a few months back should have been made into a podcast and posted around the internet.  It told the story of what is happening to the money in Medicare, its’ budget, and a huge sign should be posted above it, “Do Not Touch.”

During the conference call we all learned, , thousands on board, medicare would be richer if doctors were not the number one culprit for charging for services not rendered.  When the people on the conference call were asked what do you believe it the most important issue to change in medicare – it was the way Medicare accepts all the doctors bills, pays them, and the doctor gets rich since the patient, under many practices and over 185,00 doctors in our country were charging Medicare, getting paid by Medicare for services never rendered.

We have guards everywhere these days, but we trust the professionals –  the time has come to have these individuals reviewed by the government – often, and show positive proof signed by the patient that services were rendered, and each patient makes up her or his own password similair to the computer, to approve the billing before it arrives in the hands of Medicare itself.  We must make sure each charge is real, not some added on expense, and not something that will even be tacked on forever to the patients health records.

Building a system where we are in charge of our records instead of someone at a front desk will only protect us, not place us on a computer for others to pay for these charges, these illnesses, surgeries, treatments, and so forth, never received.

When asked from several choices where the fruad in Medicare came from, it was over 80 percent from their own medical doctors and health professionals.  Did they report their doctor – many were afraid.  This is the problem, if we were in charge of approval, and receiving the correct statement to place your own private code too – you would be sure the system would be in better shape.  Already, in a short term, 495,000 dollars were charged by doctors, and more to be coming down the road, since it has been going on for years.

I never named the doctor, only the group – it would be easy enough for the computer to know who – what  – when and where this occured.  Today, the two doctors are no longer practicing.  Am I happy?  No.  They may have helped many individuals but they also helped themselves only to cheat the system, which is in need of help – be honest, dishonesty never wins.

The American people need to draw up their own plans for protection and stop depending on the professionals to save their life, saving, and protection.  You see, we hear about this when we the people will enter the election booth and cast a vote, if we have half the community vote we are lucky, but we sure would have more if half the community learned of medical fraud against their records.

Medicare is not the only health care program being ripped off for the seniors – nut remember the young people who were in drastic accidents, born with many of the childhood diseases, fall under medicare for some of their health care.  Can we take away from those who are on ventilators?  Need transportation to doctors,   –  far too many too list but you get my point.

Anyone who votes this year should remember the important issue is Health Care and Medicare for seniors and those with long term care issues.  Knowing, after spending years interviewing some of the top brass in this country on health care, long term care and Medicare – everyone was afraid to speak their mind.  They all knew of someone who needed that extra care, but the party would not have liked it if any candidate took a few steps toward the center, they just couldn’t give an honest interview.

It was one of the most interesting topics in the 90’s and we are still fighting it, Medicare.  Everyone knew it was coming, this threatening about losing health care, and so forth, they knew and had not one ounce of care to speak the truth to the American people about their true feelings, so that party rules the heart, the souls of others, and the life of even loved ones.  How said.

We the people of this country want the truth in government, we want the right to know our money contributed to the Government is not used to help a larger organization, one that backs the candidate the next time he or she runs for office.  They are left out of the dirty picture.  It is time to catch the theive.  To change the system for the better, and you – the consumer of health care must speak out – and be a voice for the people – especially when something can be reported to those in charge – remember you pay for your insurance one way or another, they are doing you and I a favor for being their client.  It is time the candidates relate to the people and not the election.

Thanks, Nancy Denofio

  1. Avatar of E.B. Wilkes
    E.B. Wilkes says

    This sounds like a full-proof way to make sure that doctors stop cheating the system, by stealing from Medicare.

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    It would be a great way to regain some confidence in the system and do more than slap the back of a doctor’s hand when they cheat the patient – not only the government – since the doctor’s are stealing from their security. Thanks E.B.

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