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When a hospital knows that it has an infection within its walls and it’s not reported, protecting it’s name, we know more things in this country are covered up and it is time we open up the door and let voices be heard.

Doctors are losing control of their patients healthcare and yes, they are frustrated. No one tracks what drug is coming in from another country or if it’s even though real drug. And, knowing generic drugs are not equal; some have disastrous side effects.  Some work completely opposite from what the original name brand once  provided a patient.

hospital-infectionsWhat is America doing about this, day after day, we hear about more problems concerning healthcare. If only they listened almost 2 decades ago we would not be in the shape we are in today. Okay, this goes for more than healthcare, I understand, but right now let’s concentrate on one thing.

Yes, we still have the same problems, but they have grown out of control. We have more greed then we ever had before, not to say that greed was never there. We have been fighting for the rights of people regarding healthcare with truthful and honest information, but no one seems to care.

What if you had a family member who needed medication and every time you went to pick it up it ended up to be more expensive than the month before? What if you could not afford the price of medicine since your deductible had been met and now one drug cost you more than your mortgage payment? What if you are a senior living on a fixed income and the prices go up and up and you are health continues to deteriorate because you can not afford the medication your doctor prescribes.

I could harp about this day and night, and I have for almost 2 decades, yet it is the same group of people, the same people heading up Congress, who continue to refuse to see the truth; this is not fair. I have talked to people in Washington, I have spoken with the highest people in government, but without support from both sides the people will continue to lose, and lose, and lose again. Yes I am harping, but we need to learn the truth, you need to know the truth, and the truth has to be told.

Yes, I am frustrated by the lies I heard from Congress only a couple of weeks ago when they told the public, through the media, that medication whether brand or generic is the same and it does not make a difference; this is a lie.

I’ve said this before, and I am saying it again, the brand name works in some cases but the cost is outrageous once generics hit the market.  I have examples of the three medications, used frequently, and by all age groups.  I will never understand why a patient is put on a drug that works and then all of a sudden that drug is no longer available; example number one. I will not understand why a patient is given generics except for the cost, which I agree with, but if the generic does not agree with the patient they must go back to the brand name for the correct treatment. By this time, the cost is way above any other generic made by any other pharmaceutical company. I will never understand why pharmacies do not carry drugs that they know their clients need and use on a monthly basis. I will never understand why the government tells the pharmacists that they stopped making a drug which is a maintenance drug, needed daily by the patient, but in America they only make a certain amount of each drug so when they’re out of that drug the patient suffers. I will never understand how the cost of some drugs which are older than me, replaced by generics, cost nearly 90 times the amount of the generic, and this is outrageous. I will never understand why a patient has to call one pharmacy another pharmacy and onto the next to find the right generic if the generic is the one that works for them at a cheaper cost.

Examples like this I could go on and on for a few pages or more, but I am sure you understand where I am coming from, or you have experienced the same.

This is only one example of a issue regarding healthcare, and at high odds of hurting the people of this country. It is high time that we speak up and tell Congress what’s going on outside their office. And if you are not one who is concerned about this issue today, there is always, tomorrow. Let’s start speaking out through communication, online, in groups in your local area, and with other political figures who will take the time to listen. But do not let them just listen be sure they make a statement, ask them to reach out to the media with truth.

I will not give in to the changes in healthcare, and I will not watch children or adults and seniors suffer needlessly. I have worked on these issues, as I have said, and now it’s time to get back to fight for the people, and your words make a difference.

If I were to continue with health issues that hurt Americans I would be writing a thesis. So let’s begin somewhere, let us tackle the greed of big business; I just can’t take their careless approach to health care.

Words can mean a great deal if they come from more than one person, and your voice will mean a great deal if you speak up. Don’t wait until something hits you and you can’t survive without pain and suffering. Let us protect one another today so tomorrow will be a better day.

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