How to Protect Your Children from the Flu


Germs and viruses can spread like wildfire, and your children are almost always the first to catch them. Prevent your kids and everyone else in your home from getting sick with the flu this winter by following these tips.

Stop Sharing
After teaching your children the importance of sharing with everyone, inform them that sharing food is not always a good thing. Explain to them that if they eat the same food as someone who is sneezing or blowing their nose, it is possible they will get sick too. It may be common knowledge and instinctive for adults, but kids don’t always understand it.   If you don’t tell them explicitly, they will continue to share.

influenzaWashing Hands
Be sure to teach your children the importance of washing their hands. Instruct them to wash their hands anytime they use the restroom or come into contact with someone who is sick. Buy travel-size hand sanitizers for your kids to take to school and use when needed.

Be Safe
Although your kids may hate getting shots, it is important that they are properly vaccinated every year in order to avoid getting the flu during the winter season and in the future. No one is exempt from getting a flu shot (unless younger than six months), so be brave and get a flu shot yourself to show your children that flu shots aren’t bad.

After you’ve gotten the shot, let your children know that there is still a small chance they might get the flu. You can’t be too careful, so keep washing your hands, using sanitizer, and avoiding contact with sick people.

Get a Head Start
Before flu season truly starts this year, follow these tips to get a head start on protecting your children from the flu.

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