The Complete Guide For Tattoo Beginners


Guide For Tattoo Beginners

Guide For Tattoo Beginners

Wanna get a tattoo but don’t know where and how to start? If yes, this guide is exactly what you need!

Today tattooing is incredibly popular, and besides the visual attractiveness, it is the way of expressing yourself, enhancing your beauty, masking scars or other imperfections, emphasizing your uniqueness.

No matter what it means for you, there are some things you should know before getting your first tattoo, and here they are:

1. It will be painful and you can’t take any painkillers or other medicines, as they make your blood thinner, not allowing it to clot. By the same token, you can’t drink alcohol or do drugs for at least two days before going to the tattoo artist. While coffee, makes you nervous and reduces pain tolerance – that’s why it should be avoided too.

2. However, the level of pain varies. It depends on the place of the tat (ribs and feet are among the most sensitive zones), and your personal pain tolerance.

3. The pain, as well as quality also hinges on the professional skills of the artist. Most of them have regularly updated Instagram accounts nowadays, so finding a perfect person to work with is much easier than it was before. But don’t forget, that the price is directly proportional to the safety and quality of the tattoo.

4. If you’re not sure about how you’re gonna handle the pain, start small. Little flower tats on the shoulder, or tiny sun and full moon tattoos behind the ear are a good way to start.

5. You’d better let your artist know if you’re allergic to some products, as you may also be allergic to tattoo ink.
6. During the procedure, the artist may shave the area for the future tattoo, but all his equipment and tools must be clean and sterile.

7. After the procedure, a slight fever, dizziness, and of course pain and swelling are common side effects. So it will be wise to buy something against these symptoms beforehand.

8. Despite the widely-spread opinion, a tattoo is not a sentence – it can be removed or covered with another tat.

9. All tattoos tend to fade – and this is the sad part. If you want the picture to look fresh and bright, at some point (usually it’s once in 4-5 years) you’ll have to update it. And yes, it will also hurt.

10. And finally, never get a tattoo unless you’re completely in love with the sketch. This piece of art is gonna become a part of your body, even a part of you – so take your time to stay reasonable.

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