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Generic Drugs: Big Pharma Wins!

Generic Drugs: Big Pharma Wins!

The drug companies are going to generics on familiar and popular drugs; drugs used by heart patients and more. 

Take the drug Plavix, what if they continue to change the generic form and suddenly a severe reaction occurs?

Think it can’t happen – as an advocate for health care for 25 years I can tell you drugs and generics are NOT the same. I will use myself as an example because I can prove what I am saying. 

Recently I was placed on the THIRD GENERATION GENERIC for a medication I have been taking for twenty years. 

Yes, I had a SEVERE reaction to the generic – remember the drug companies did come up with a thin, cheap, filled, and one that usually falls apart with a little shake of the bottle – pill, because drugstores in the area were out of stock of the FIRST and SECOND generation of the original pill.

My entire body reacted to the pill opposite from the other drugs, including the original, first and second – by the time the company was making “50 Billion Dollars” a day on the second and third generic, patients were getting sick, as I found out from doctors. 

Although you hear GENERICS are the same; they are not – as told to me by my pharmacists, doctors, and other patients. 

As I learned by asking and interviewing on health care for years.  The Generic #1 – doesn’t hold together and will crumble into smaller pieces if you carry them anywhere with you – including a small drug container for an overnight, etc.  NEXT – they have fillers and the ingredients is CHANGED. 

Found out from a druggist – that generics are not the same as the first generation of your medication. DRUG COMPANIES are winning the battle again on health care.  They are giving you another generic, which you believe to be the same, and saving billions, making 50 billion dollars a DAY as reported a few days ago on a national TV Channel;  as you viewed a man pouring billions of little pills into a large vat.

Why I am into health care – including drug practice and the cost to you as the consumer – because I have been there and lived it.  I feel interviewing the right people, getting views from the source can only bear the truth.  So, PLEASE be careful. Remember after a certain number of years a drug can become another company’s treasure and a patient’s “factual”, validated, impairment.  

A drug company will not lose, and will not be supplying you with certain drugs identical to the first.  And the additional problem is the Insurance Companies who will only give you what the drug company wants to sell them, through you. 

You must be your own advocate. Going to a generic they will make over 50 billion dollars a day according to the NEWS last night. Stay safe. 

If you notice a difference tell your doctor and insist on DAW written on your prescription (dispense as written)  and if you have a problem, continue to tell them why – if a drug is not reacting because of new – different ingredients or even an allergy to fillers.

Because another company can now make that fifty billion a day (soon to be Plavix a widely used blood thinner for heart patients) then continue to insist until your doctor understands why. 

Once more – BE YOUR OWN Health Advocate – things are changing.

As the head of last year’s committee to change health care;  I recall his thoughts as one not to change it to help those with disabilities or who needed long-term care, and also not to even mention the word Medicare.

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