Favorite Products That Can Profoundly Affect Your Skin



Products That Affect Skin: When creating a highly effective product that can improve the texture and the thickness of your skin, many companies use the same ingredients. Some of these include ginseng, vitamin C, vitamin E, cocoa butter, retinol and extracts from pomegranates.

Panax Ginseng

Nu Skin commonly includes this powerful ingredient in its products, and as a natural herb, ginseng contains a myriad of antioxidants. The botanical is able to thicken the skin substantially and to increase its overall elasticity. Panax ginseng may also even the tone of the skin.

The herb can augment the energy of the cells. Moreover, several studies have shown that ginseng can enhance immunity, and anecdotal evidence suggests that the botanical may reduce the body’s inflammatory reaction to poison ivy and to poison oak.


This natural compound notably boosts blood flow to the skin and improves the hydration of the cells.

Olay adds niacin to many of its products, and countless reviewers claim that the substance can reduce or eliminate wrinkles.

Vitamin E

As an exceptionally powerful antioxidant, this vitamin can protect the skin from chemicals and the effects of stress. Known as tocopheryl acetate, vitamin E is able to penetrate the lipids, and as a result, it can nourish the interior of each skin cell by removing toxins and by strengthening the membrane. According to testimonials, the compound allows the skin to become suppler and could prevent damage that may be caused by UVA rays.

Vitamin E can be found in numerous products that have been created by Neutrogena. The substance is also an ingredient of several natural sunscreens that contain zinc oxide.

Citrus Sinensis

The experts at Nu Skin have added this ingredient to the company’s new product, which is called Ageloc. The extract has a large amount of antioxidants and minerals, and it contains vitamin C. This natural compound promotes the creation of new collagen, and as one of the proteins in the body, collagen will substantially thicken the skin and could eliminate wrinkles. Furthermore, vitamin C can strengthen the blood vessels that are positioned near the skin’s surface.

Cocoa Butter

Found in cocoa beans, the ingredient is a powerful moisturizer, and usually, it is used to eliminate scars and wrinkles. A recent study indicated that cocoa butter allows antioxidants to penetrate more deeply into the skin than they would otherwise. Additionally, the substance can reduce blemishes and even the skin’s tone.

Camellia Sinensis

Used to make green tea, these leaves contain a high concentration of catechins, which are potent antioxidants. Camellia Sinensis is also an anti-inflammatory, so the botanical can reduce the effects of cortisol, which is a stress hormone that can weaken the skin over time. This ingredient is included in products that have been created by Olay and Neutrogena.

Punica Granatum

This extract has been used to treat skin for thousands of years in Turkey and Greece, and Nu Skin has created several formulas that contain the ingredient. The substance has been shown to restore fibroblasts that have been damaged by ultraviolet radiation to a healthy state. Moreover, the compound is an anti-inflammatory, and it also has antibacterial properties.


As a type of vitamin A, this substance will stimulate the production of collagen. The compound also reduces the level of damage that UVA rays cause, and it may decrease the size of liver spots. Several analyses indicate that topical retinol can prompt the skin cells to act like young cells that are especially healthy, and the compound improves communication among the cells.

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