7 Links Between Emotional Stress And Physical Danger

Women Can be Easy Prey


Emotional Stress And Physical Danger

Emotional Stress And Physical Danger

With stress levels rising over the Corona pandemic and the economy, it is ever more vital for women to understand the direct link between emotional stress and physical danger.

While many are aware that stress can potentially cause a spectrum of health issues, it is often overlooked that people, but women in particular, under stress, are easy prey for attackers. A factor that makes it worse for women is that they tend to add other people’s stress to their own.

How to Cope with Stress and Avoid Dangerous Situations


When you are stressed, the most dangerous mindset is fear. Being scared makes you look weak and vulnerable. As women are already seen as “weaker,” it is crucial for us to consciously look poised and confident.

Body Language

  • Try to convey confidence in your body language, notwithstanding how you feel at any specific moment.
  • Hold your head high and your shoulders back.
  • Swing your arms slightly as you walk and look from side to side. Doing so allows you occasional peripheral vision.
  • Stay OFF your cell phone, as this will distract you.
  • Be ready and willing to run if a particular situation calls for it.


There is a significant uptick in violent crimes, domestic violence, and a gun sales surge like never before during this pandemic and economic downfall. Of course, domestic violence goes both ways, but women tend to be the victim more often. Be aware that most people are just as stressed as you might be.


The principal reasons to exercise patience are that people are more vulnerable in their volatility and that it will calm you and others in your immediate environment down. People tend to be calmer when interacting with a relaxed person.

Three Stages

There is always a beginning, middle, and end to everything. And there is always something in the mix from which we can learn. Go back in your mind to a time before the present pandemic and economic stress. What was your life like then? How has your life changed over the past year, and what have you learned from it? Did having to cut back on certain items you used to take for granted have an eye-opening effect on you? Are there any health benefits to your current lifestyle brought about by the current situation? In other words, do you have the feeling you had to ‘re-invent yourself?


It appears that stress can be indeed reduced or even overcome with the feeling of appreciation. Women are hyper-tuned into our intuitions and emotions. Try to regularly take a deep breath and visualize all the things of which to be grateful. Your family, your home, school, work, and hopefully, your good health. These moments will automatically improve your mood and reduce stress and any negative feelings. Irrespective of what you have or have not, you are certainly better off than many.

Simple things will cut your stress and that of those around you in half. Now, with your new and improved body language and self-esteem, try a smile, even when you don’t feel like it. Smiling alters your body chemistry and will always make you feel better.


Compliment the people with whom you interact. Sincere and genuine compliments cannot be given often enough as they are few and far between. When you compliment a stranger, it can make that person’s day, as it may be the only one they got in a long time. Things like, I love what you did to your hair,” or “nice bracelet, it looks absolutely great on you!” can go a long way for many and will make you feel good, too, in the process.

As grandmothers, mothers, wives, sisters, girlfriends, colleagues, etcetera, women impact the world every day of our lives. So, imagine how implementing these simple tips can help you beat the seemingly insurmountable hardship while decreasing your vulnerability to physical danger and feeling stronger and more confident.

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