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Do You Feel Beautiful?

Do You Feel Beautiful?

Do You Feel Beautiful?

Have you noticed that you and your friends each have a different growth process?

Suddenly you are Rachel’s best girlfriend, while you used to be inseparable with Sheila just a week ago. Or perhaps your girlfriend Amanda got a boob job and now gets all the attention from the boys, whereas you’re still waiting for something to happen with your body. Emma’s hair is stunningly long and naturally wavy, and Claire’s abdomen is fabulously flat.

Do you feel like an ugly duckling in a world full of swans? And do you feel suddenly uncomfortable being around your girlfriends?

Wise Words

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent! These wise and timeless words were Eleanor Roosevelt‘s, the wife of ex-president Theodore Roosevelt. The message of Mrs. Roosevelt is clear and personal. If you feel inferior, others will also perceive you this way. If however, you believe in yourself, in your own style, individuality, and beauty, the world will see you this way too.

More easily said than done, right? But how can you feel good about yourself when all these movie actresses and models on magazine covers are so breathtakingly beautiful and sexy?

Start by Taking an Inventory of Yourself

What are your best assets? Your hair, your eyes, your long legs? You need to accentuate the parts you like most and build from there. Use a new eyeshade, get a haircut, walk upright, radiate confidence!

Look once critically at yourself and be realistic concerning the things that annoy you. Do you have pimples? Do you still have some of that baby-chubbiness?

Start Acting Now!

It may seem wasted effort, but even the most splendid models must work long and hard to be the way they are.

You are what you eat. Stop nibbling and have three healthy meals per day, start a skincare treatment. You will soon see that your appearance changes and you feel stronger because you are in charge!

Talk to people: Everyone has moments of apprehension about one’s looks, you are not the only one. You will discover that each woman has such awkward moments. (and ends up being a stunner). Believe in your inner beauty!

Good Personality

It may sound corny, but it works.
With a good personality, sensibility, and kindness, each girl can feel proud. Let the real you shine through. You will not only feel beautiful, but you will indeed be beautiful!

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