Diagnosis Cancer


Diagnosis Cancer

Cancer is a disease of the cells. It is a chronic, metabolic, systemic, nutritional deficiency, which allows healthy cells to proliferate.

It is primarily a stress-related problem.

Diagnosis Cancer

Here is the question we like to get the right answer to: How can we protect ourselves against foreign substances such as carcinogens? Carcinogens, cancer-producing agents, when entering the body, they destroy cells, as it is well known, but they change the pattern of cells by depleting their source of energy, which is basically oxygen, and reducing them to a primitive state.

Now, as those cells have lost their real purpose, their only function is to divide and multiply invading surrounding tissues. It is known that cancer cells have a short life as they are not normal cells but can immediately adapt themselves to survival by coating themselves with animal protein.

In doing such work, they appear to the rest of the body to be normal cells and are able to travel through the body’s lymphatic system and – metastasize.

The Immune System

The immune system becomes aware that there is a problem when the cancer-producing agents enter the body. The immune system starts producing leukocytes in order to fight off antibodies with the aim to restore the body to its natural balance.

We are aware today that the intake of pollutants, stress-related problems, poor or wrong diet, wrong attitudes et cetera are contributing factors towards cancer.

Cancer is an emotionally based disease if speaking broadly, hence it can be treated on two levels – emotional and physical level.

– On the emotional level by reducing stress, anxiety, tension, to sum it up – all stress-related problems, which are in abundance in modern society and,

– On the physical level by choosing a healthy, nurturing diet.

We have to learn to correct deficiencies in our food intake, and if and where it is needed, to take a good supplement of vitamins and minerals. We surely can have control over the food we eat or the water we drink, but just as knowing how to control our food/drink intake, we can learn how to control our emotional and mental states in order to control the stress levels and direct our thoughts into positive awareness. Meditation and hypnotherapy are the tools in successfully learning how to overcome emotional stress.

The Role of the Mind

Evidence suggests that in many cases the prognosis indicates that with treatment (within the recognized medical system) they could look forward to many more years of life. But the problem is that a lot of patients instead of taking a positive attitude tend to give in to depression and the negative attitude of giving up.

As high as seventy percent of cancer diagnosed patients believe that because they have cancer they are tired, in pain, depleted of energy, and convinced that they are going to die soon. Without a doubt, the body will respond to such thoughts and act as instructed by the mind. Cancer patients with such an attitude will most certainly shorten their life.

Contrary to that attitude, there is another group of cancer patients. They have been given a short prognosis, maybe with little expectation of living much longer, yet they have lived for a number of years free of disease.

How Come?

The reason (and the most obvious one) is that those patients have taken a positive mental attitude.

The common denominator with these patients is the “will to live”, in other words, taking charge of their lives.

It varies from individual to individual but some of these denominators are:

  1. I have to finish writing my book, so I can’t die before I finish writing it,
  2. My daughter will enroll in a university course next year, she needs me for another five years at least,
  3. We saved up money for that trip around the world, I can’t die and let my husband down … and this personal list goes on and on.

As it invades a person, cancer also invades the entire family.  When someone in the family has cancer, quite often the whole family needs as much care as the patient does. Family support is vital for the welfare of the patient because cancer patients tend to feel isolated and alone. Family counseling must be seriously considered because the fear of cancer needs to be talked about.

Mental Attitude

All our actions are thought motivated. Each and every thought is manifested somewhere in the body, the healing process can be accelerated by choosing the right mental attitude, positive self-talk, and a strong goal for the future.

The two most important factors are the elimination of stress and the building up of one’s immune system. These two go hand in hand; you can destroy your body with a constant negative attitude and thinking and consequently destroy the immune system by being constantly stressed.

Not only does the positive mental attitude strengthen one’s will to survive and fight but it also helps the medication work better.

  1. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    Branka, while both my parents died from cancer related complications, in my father’s case – lung cancer, in my mothers, throat, I too suffer from it.

    But mine is skin cancer brought on by living down in New Zealand for forty-two years, where most of the country dwells beneath the hole in the ozone layer. Now in my sixties I live with the cancers in my skin, accepting them as part of my own make up. Over the years I’ve had them frozen, dug out, you name. But they still come back. I’m not complaining here mind you. Back in the late 50’s and the nineteen sixties we all went about wearing nothing but a pair of jeans or shorts – we knew no different. So I live with cancer every moment of my life.

    Great article by the way – thank you. 😀

  2. Avatar of Virgie Bordoux
    Virgie Bordoux says

    Totally I agree with Jack. Very comprehensive, informative and insightful article.
    We all have someone who has battled against it.
    Thanks Branka!

  3. Avatar of Branka CUbrilo
    Branka CUbrilo says

    Jack, I am sorry to hear that! But you are quite right when saying that over there in New Zealand and Australia people went about wearing nothing but sorts and flip-flops. Today we know much more about some preventive measures, but on the other hand, this disease is still a mysterious one and you can undertake all possible preventive measures and still there is no any guarantee… unfortunately.

    Thanks for your sincere feedback.
    I sincerely wish you all the best.

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