Anti Aging


Anti Aging

The advertiser and advertisement can tell us anything – especially when it comes to;  quality of life, how to change your mood, reveal your best side, and a new “Anti-Aging” Medication.

The name alone makes you dream – they found the fountain of youth and it’s available in a pill or cream.  Do we believe it?  Well, some people do, and they will invest thousands of dollars each month to capture yesterday.

Anti Aging

Yesterday while reading about this “Anti-Aging Medicine” aimed at the reversal of age continued to catch my attention, who knows, by this day and age some discovery could be out there to slow down the aging process.

Out of curiosity, I continue to see what this advertisement is all about.

One line was twisted – it was like the “logline” for a movie.  It stated, “The goal of Anti-Aging Medication is to promote health as a positive vitality, not merely the absence of disease.”

Right away I knew if the elderly were suffering from some disease this potion wasn’t going to do a thing for them. The advertisement was for the healthy elderly person, pushing those people who suffer, yet age faster, aside.

I flip the page and continue to read, trying to find out what it is they are pushing – besides the sick out of their way.  Some questions and answers follow – the first question was concerning hormone therapy. The answer was;  “hormone replacement therapy is used to replace hormone deficiencies.”

Here we go again.  Wasn’t it only down the road in years when we learned about the damage caused to women who used hormone replacement therapy – including breast cancer when on a regimen of Premarin, a hormone replacement therapy?  Everyone who swallowed those little orange football-shaped pills threw them away and went through menopause.

We have known for years women and men with declining hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, cortisol, and thyroid hormones, you begin to feel a difference in your body.

I recall women continuing with the drug known to cause cancer because they wanted to stay young.  It also bothered me when the advertisement stated no studies ever claimed hormone replacement causes problems.

I continued to read now – knowing a major statement was absolutely wrong, so this entire advertisement with the eye-catching – Anti Aging Hormone was either the old-time hormone distributed differently or nothing at all – sugar-coated relief.  Never trust a company pushing a new product with false statements.

Patients will take this hormone because of the claims within the advertisement – and the words Anti-Aging.  The hormone will slip through many of the minds of those who take chances in life – all they want is to remain young.

This advertisement reminded me of an elderly couple going to the dentist – the patient wants to have this great smile but the doctor said no because the patient was losing bone; old age.  The truth is you just do not shrink like the incredible shrinking woman unless you are suffering from a disease we know as osteoporosis and your spinal cord will begin to lose space between discs.

If you are someone with this disease you just do not lose height, you lose bone in every bone of your body. This elderly couple, he was trying to help his wife feel good about herself; probably connected at the hip for some fifty-plus years.

Bones that are brittle cannot hold a permanent post (posts) holding teeth in place – and if they spent the money, the normal outcome would be additional shrinkage and loose-fitting expensive posts – the alternative, dentures that can’t stay in one place, ill-fitting dentures.

On a similar note – the elderly have been told they needed Vitamin D replacement, and four years or so later they find out a replacement of Vitamin D in high levels caused more bone problems instead of helping their bones.

We all know, combining of C and D must work together, without D, C disappears.  If you are one of the lucky ones who produce a great amount of vitamin D – you are prancing around showing off those gorgeous fingernails, silky hair, and better skin.

The main purpose of the initial study was to help prevent osteoporosis and doctors jumped on the bandwagon and believe today, more people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis have less Vitamin D in their system.  Once again, this too could change.

Why do the elderly usually gain weight around the middle?  It is easy enough to know the answer, not enough exercise – because they are either suffering from sore bones, fatigue, and boredom.

I go to the gym, notice many women and men who are slightly over twenty-one – exercising every morning in water – some lucky souls are swimming laps, but they are moving, staying in shape, and boosting their mind with plain old language coming from a friends conversation.  This alone can help the elderly remain younger.

The advertisement tells the elderly to get rid of the blues, sore bones, aging, etc., this new treatment will cure aging – replacement therapy.

When I arrived at the end of the advertisement, in small print, I knew immediately it was a come-on – beauty, youth, mood changes, overcoming age – it wasn’t replacement therapy per se – yet in a way it was placement therapy.  It was a written article by a group of plastic surgeons.

I mentioned this advertisement to someone, and heard they told me this is the ‘in thing,’ plastic surgery for this generation reaching forty – they are hooked on it like half of America was hooked to a Chesterfield Cigarette during World War II.

All this time I thought those who were the hippies of the sixties would remain forever young, but it’s their children who are taking the bird by the wings and flying.  I suppose the generation in question is fighting more stress, more money but spending it, the inability to find a fitting position after leaving one or two, and not knowing what it is like to save a penny.

They believed the sixties generation was about free love, in fact, the next generation, yet to arrive on the scene, will be searching for a way to live for nothing.

We all know aging, and genes mean a great deal.  From the day we are born we begin to age.  It never bothers you until you reach forty and a good friend purchases an expensive anti-aging cream, you laugh, they are hurt – telling you, “This is what you use, isn’t it?”

Bless those with good genes, good bones, and a fat wallet.

  1. Avatar of Joyce White
    Joyce White says

    Hi Nancy, enjoyed this article. I thought you might enjoy my take on aging
    in my Birthdays poem. I don’t know much and I write in generalities but I’m
    looking at 66 in November.
    Do you carry your past like a stone in your pocket?Not surprisingly birthdays come on like villains knocking at our doors, tap, tap, tap, shifty-eyed fast speaking salesmen peddling love, wisdom, youth and popularity pushing substitutes in bottles, tiny millimeters of hope Shifter stones, natal lovers, dark aliens, eaves-dropping our days, troubling our nights,
    Feigning possibilities of youth and good health, intertwining hope with dread, Fantasy with fact Re-defining gravity as incidental, promising regularity as attainable, shifty fast speaking salesmen console us with companion pillows, heating pads, Flexall and Unisom,

    Un-pearling our hopes and dreams a little while longer, Old age is no party, No matter, No, No
    Sometimes we swallow their lines greedily with regular doses of Metamucil, Centrum Silver and Maalox, so what if Lady Clairol is our friend? When we can’t sleep, not without all those young hot lovers who mused our days and pleasured our nights, Come you now with wrinkled skin and beer barrel waists with high, high foreheads, No matter, No, No, meet us at the Vender’s Market in the Land of dreamy plenty. We will love you and will sing for you of good times,Bottled and Preserved just for our Birthdays!
    Enjoy. Joyce

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    LOL – I guess you touched on all the topics – love the way you called it the Vender’s Market in the Land of dreamy plenty. Old Age – the end of a perfect fit, in many ways older people walk different, talk slower, forget their glasses, stumble on a sidewalk, refuse to use a cane, stare closer into the mirror, smile at themselves to see if the wrinkles disappear. Oh yes, we could go on with this one. Always, Nancy

  3. Avatar of Branka Cubrilo
    Branka Cubrilo says

    Sure it was written by plastic surgeons. All is still ok while it ends on creams, but the other day I was served by a woman and I couldn’t understand a word she was telling me because her lips were in her way. I didn’t know where to look at as at the same moment I was astonished and ashamed to look at her lips. I wondered did she really think that she looked attractive (or younger)? Creams are still cheeper tricks and they don’t leave irreversible/irreparable damage .

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