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3 Tips To Get Pregnant Quickly

When a woman starts ovulating, it is the perfect time for conceiving a baby. Therefore, if you are trying to get pregnant, this is the time.

It is imperative that you become well aware of the times of the month in which you are ovulating.

Do not worry; you will be able to pinpoint your ovulation times with a very narrow margin of error.

The Luteal Phase is the most critical of these stages, and this period is a fortnight for most healthy women. As this may differ from person to person, be prepared to allow for shorter or longer periods.


  1. Check the BBT
    If you find this a rather ungainly or awkward means of calculating when your ovulating period is then you may want to try your luck with the Basal Body Temperature, which is by far, a more reliable method. The BBT method is extremely useful and safe. It reads the internal temperature of the female vagina. Whenever a woman is ovulating, this temperature will increase dramatically. The couple should try to focus their lovemaking around these times to improve their chances of success.
  1. Save the Sperm
    This is fundamental information and without it the chances of success will not be quite as high because it will directly determine and predict when the sperm is at its optimal quality before entry into the vagina. The fresh sperm has to be inside the female a short space of time before she begins ovulating in earnest. However, there are issues that may arise with the male as well in the production of his sperm. Ideally, the man should refrain from releasing sperm (i.e. ejaculating) at least four days prior to the ovulation process.
  1. Adopt a Holistic Solution
    There has a been a great deal of debate to determine what impact frequent sexual intercourse has upon the production of sperm that can be neatly summed up in the maxim of “quality not quantity.” However, like everything else in the world, nothing is ever black and white or even remotely straightforward. There have been arguments put forward to suggest that if the sperm is retained within the testicles then it will lose its effectiveness. The sperm, some argue, if left without a release will stagnate and fester and so the ejaculation will allow for old, redundant sperm to be released and new healthy sperm to be created. Given how complex the pregnancy process is, it is far better and more effective to adopt a holistic solution to any problems encountered during the attempts of falling pregnant.

The Holistic Method
The holistic method is quickly winning favor and fans for one very simple but fundamental reason: it provides excellent results with no appreciable dangers or threats whatsoever if you want get pregnant quickly. This method is slowly but surely replacing the more mainstream methods.

Other alternate means of dealing with the problem include the likes of Chinese herbal remedies as well as alterations to the diets of the people.

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