3 Healthy Posture Tricks


Posture Tricks

Posture Tricks

You often hear how the first impression is the most important when you meet someone for the first time. The first thing people notice about us is our “outside.”

After that, they get familiar with our way of thinking, abilities, and previous working experiences by interacting with us. Why is it so important and how is the first impression connected with our posture, is a question we will answer today.

Fixing a bad posture – fixing a bad body language

Ok, we know how a bad posture looks like. Probably your head is pushed forward because of too much time behind the screen and your neck region is under constant tension. Next, your pelvis is rotated inwards, so you develop a pelvis tilt syndrome which leads to excessive lumbar lordosis. In most cases, this ends with pain in the lumbar part of your spine. Crossing your legs can also become a problem if this pose is your way of sitting.

All of that develops imbalances and ruins your spine static. In those conditions, it is really hard to impress someone with self-esteem if you are cramped as a shrimp. On the other hand, with the proper posture, you are looking tall, and you are sending a message of self-esteem and strength. Posture is an important part of complete body language, the most important one.

1 – Relaxing tension in your muscles

Do you know how hard it is for your muscles to stay in one pose? Remember all of those moments when you had to stay on your feet for a longer period of time. Sitting is even worse. Your glute muscles are completely inactive, and they are the foundation of a good posture. All those prolonged states cause different kinds of muscle tensions.

First, you need to relax those tensions by myofascial massages or some kind of non-invasive methods like acupressure. That will prepare your muscles for further challenges which are in front of them. Only relaxed muscles can operate in an optimal length. Also, a relaxed muscle is a pain-free muscle that can flex, extend and rotate in a proper way. With all of those available, you can do whatever you imagine, and any kind of recreation or training won’t present a problem for you.

2– Mobilization and activation exercise

The second step to healthy posture is mobilization and activation exercises in different regions of your body. Sometimes structures, like your joints, need a mobilization exercise so they can regain their old range of motion (ROM). ROM is a measure of your joint’s freedom. Some of them need it more and some need more stability. You can take a shoulder joint and knee joint as an example here. In other cases, some structures like deep core muscles and scapulas region muscles need some challenges. In other words, you need to activate them by proper stabilization exercises and dynamic exercises.

poor_and_good_posture_diagrams_675x448px3 – Learning healthy posture patterns

After you are relaxed, and you regain a proper ROM and muscle strength it is time to implement some more advanced training techniques. Different patterns like hip-hinge, squatting, pushing, pulling, rotation, and anti-rotation will become a part of your healthy posture workout routine. Those are the basic human movement patterns. When done properly and when you optimally load them with some kind of weight, they will secure a nice posture and life without the pain.

Very fast, picking up something from the floor will not be a problem for you. Our suggestion for learning those movement patterns is definitely natural movement training. This kind of training will put you in a role that is natural for humans and that one is a general mover role, not the specialized role like bodybuilder or CrossFit. This kind of training is very important for professionals of any sport, like tennis or NFL athletes.

Healthy posture secures a happier life

As the title says, the more you invest in your posture the happier you will be. Firstly, because you won’t develop any kind of pain syndrome. Secondly, because you won’t have any movement limitations. With that you are free, and freedom is a foundation of a happy life. You will see the difference immediately, once you start with pieces of advice from this article.

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