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Artists Painting in Public

Spring, Summer and Fall, you find artists outdoors and in galleries painting all over towns, cities and in the country. Don’t be afraid to speak with them.

What if you feel like you would be disturbing them? Ask them if they would mind a short conversation. If they are receptive, ask your questions, make your comments, and maybe, if you like what you see, buy the painting the artist is working on.

What if you don’t know what to say? Here are some suggestions:

1. Are you from this area?
2. Do you specialize in a specific type of painting?
3. Do you paint in all mediums or do you specialize in painting in one medium?
4. Make some comments about the painting the artist is working on.

Imagine how exciting it would be if the artist you see is extroverted and begins the conversation! Don’t count on it. Many artist are introverts.

Speaking with creative people excites, stimulates, and gives you a perspective of a lifestyle you are curious about.

So, when you see artists, get to know them. Artists are amazing individuals who are always doing something new, in new ways, experimenting and loving their work.


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