And We Call It Love


It’s a thing called LOVE…..
Its funny how in life and love you never know what to expect. Take for example you remember when you was 6 years old and all girls had the cooties? You and your friends would build club houses, with a sign in the front of it that read “NO GURLS ALLOWED”. It was like you all were the Little Rascals right? So, that made all girls the enemy.

Well, like them your group had at least one Alfalfa in it, and he was in love with a Girl. Yuck, but because of this one guy, things in your group begins to change. Suddenly, you find yourself attracted to th eso called “enemy”. Turning your cirlce of friends from all low haircuts to low haircut and ponytails.

loveThats when the inevitable happens. You write that dreaded note, to some little girl in your classroom whom you have a crush on. You know the note I am talking about,
“Do you like me yes or no circle one”, some of you maybe drew boxes and asked them to check one. Either way, that’s the point when your life and feelings about girls changed.

The only thing that doesn’t change is the little games we play with one another: the hitting, the flirting, sending messages through friends, the playing hard to get, the liking more than one person, and so on. The only problem with playing games is someone has to lose.

Well, I think my worst lost came officially came this year. This year a girl I was totally in love with called me up and asked me to write her wedding vows. The best part about it was it was one day before her wedding. See, in my mind I was thinking that wedding vows should be heart felt and from within you, or if you’re going to hir somebody to write your vows please don’t let it be an ex with whom at one point you was in love with.

So, now that I think about it I am not the one who really lost it was the groom. See, I wrote the vows and she actually stood in front of him and read my words to the love of her life. Bad part about it is he doesn’t even know he have lost yet.

And we call it LOVE.
(I love it!) 

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