A Tale of Two Berries


A berry good case for natural remedies!

In 2009 I visited my late friend Faye in Canada, being of the older generation as she was 16 years older hen me. Faye was never happy with modern medicines if you could enhance the body naturally with good foods. On those trips, I made a couple of discoveries.

As you can see from this photograph my bald patch is clear from the rear, it had been that way for many years. I had just got used to it over the years. These days it has gone and I have a thick head of hair, although I cannot prove it scientifically I am sure that eating cranberries has been beneficial to the regrowth. In less than 2 months, my hair was growing back. Since then, for no reason other than I like the taste, I have eaten cranberries and have them in the tonic water I take to prevent night cramps.

One day on our return from town, we were met by a friend of the family who Faye rented the house from. She gave us a lovely basket of fresh strawberries. At this time I was very anti-strawberry and had been since my RAF days in Germany. The reason was that I went to a party one Christmas and tried some Rumtoft, during the party I tried what I thought was a strawberry, the trouble, it was almost solid rum.

The idea of Rumtoft is starting in the new year, you add a different fruit and spirit every month until Christmas, so you can imagine who strong the dark rum was.

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  1. Daphne.Shapiro says

    Who knew that berries could be so beneficial!

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