5 Looks That Are Perfect For Every Occasion


5 looks

5 Looks: What do I wear? This question is so frequently asked. However, it’s still so hard to find the answer.

All you need to avoid this problem is to arrange your wardrobe in such a way that as many pieces of clothing as possible were versatile, suitable for plenty of occasions, and easily compatible with each other.

Besides, the perfect outfit is the one able to hide your shortcomings and emphasize strong points, handle an unexpected change of plans (like if your sweetheart has planned something but doesn’t tell you where you’re going).

As a bonus, appropriate clothing at the right place not only makes you look good but also gives you oodles of confidence.

And now you may hesitate: is it even possible to find the outfit that you can wear for work, home, brunch, studies, walks, shopping expedition, party, whatever? 

Absolutely yes! Styling them with the right accessories and shoes makes them perfect for any occasion.

1  Jeans and A Casual Top

Let’s start with jeans as they’re deservedly the most versatile item of all time. Nowadays there are lots of denim models, from high-waisted and tight to baggy and ripped.

Along with a casual top, they look rather neutral, and you can make them classy, glamorous, casual, chic, through playing with footwear, jewelry, bags, and hairstyles.

2  Skirt and A Sweater

What can be another win-win option is a midi or maxi skirt (not too tight!) in combination with loose sweaters or sweatshirts in everyday style.

No matter if you’re going bowling or wine tasting – this look is ideal for every occasion as it’s both dressy and casual.

3  Shirt Variations

The shirts are always in style: striped or checkered, well ironed and undone, silk, textile, denim, or leather.

There’s nothing difficult in making them stand out – every piece of wardrobe works in such tandem.

4  Overalls

Despite the fact that the overalls are an integral part of various summer getups, we can’t diminish their power to fit in.

Picnic with family, hanging out with friends, window shopping, riding a bike, going on a date, and even business lunch.

Find the right jumpsuit to match your lifestyle.

5  Baggy Dress

A baggy dress is the next must-have of the female wardrobe in our list.

Never forget about being creative as this item’s simplicity allows for great experiments from romantic, feminine looks to casual cowgirl dress outfits, from classic modest images to crazy rocking bombs.

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