10 Signs to Consider Becoming an Interior Designer


Whilst taking control of the decoration of a home might sound like an ideal way to make a living, how do you know if this is something you’d be good at?


If you’re wondering whether you have what it takes to be a professional interior designer, the following 10 signs could be all you need to nudge you in the right direction. Are you displaying any of these behaviours?

  1. You mentally rearrange the furniture when you enter a space.
    You have walked into a room, thought that the flow was all wrong and quickly realised that fixing it would only require tweaking the furniture.
  2. You browse Gumtree, looking for a piece of furniture you can makeover just for the sake of it.
    One of the most satisfying parts of being a designer is taking something ugly and making it beautiful!
  3. You think that other interior designers have gotten it wrong.
    You have watched a makeover program on TV and thought “I could do better than that!” or questioned the sanity of the people who are employed.
  4. You enjoy figuring out how things work, solving puzzles or brainstorming solutions.
    This is actually a designer’s job in a nutshell – you will love the creative challenge of solving a design dilemma.
  5. You are a bridge builder and hold the group together.
    You could actually possess the skill to help couples merge their different tastes and design styles (which is often the cause of many disagreements).
  6. You love the hunt (and, yes, we’re talking about shopping here – not the sport of killing).
    Shopping is your favourite sport, and you feel a sense of victory when you find the perfect tile for your backsplash.
  7. You are a fan of many different decorating styles.
    Being a professional designer will allow you to experience all different kinds of decorating styles without spending any of your own money! What a life!
  8. You find that friends and family regularly come to you when in need of decorating advice.
    If you are the resident interior designer for people you know, they might be trying to tell you something about your skill.
  9. You are confident in your creativity and sense of style.
    You might be one of those people who have been labeled ‘creative’ since the moment they could walk and talk. You know why you are and like to express it.
  10. You find that people are comfortable confiding in you and sharing their personal information.
    If strangers share their life story with you, you emanate a sense of personal connection that will help you succeed.

Believe it or not, these personality traits are actually quite common amongst some of the most successful interior designers around the world. If reading this list has been like reading your biography, then this is a career path that you should definitely be considering. If you are passionate about decorating and enjoy the challenge it presents, you are sure to see plenty of success!


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