Why Vote?


Often we hear people say, “Why vote?”  People have closed their ears to debates, giving up on government because no one has changed the constant fall of our nation. 

Gas prices hop around like a jumping beans, and the cost of hamburger is more expensive than some cuts of steak.  A breadwinner can’t leave their home, fill up the gas tank to purchase a weeks worth of groceries without spending nearly your entire paycheck – not to mention the needs of growing children and perhaps the cost of equipment to join in on school activities.  Living comfortable is becoming a luxury.   

why-voteOthers have lost their home’s, some because of the loss of income, some because of no jobs when returning from the longest war in history, and let us not forget “mother nature.” More disasters continue to plague many countries, and the United States is one of them.  We are fighting an up hill battle. 

Think about the years between the disaster in New Orleans, and some of those people are still without a home, what will become of this country if we can’t take care of our own, when the need is obvious, and the funds are gone. 

What will other countries think of the Greatness we have bestowed over the world, when our own people are out of work, out of house and home, bankrupt, and trying to raise a family – you see your vote on Tuesday is your heart speaking, and you have to vote by need, and pull those strings.

Freedom in our own country has changed, what happened to the right to privacy?  We are now facing more changes to health care, and who knows their body better then its’ owner?  I do not agree with a health care panel directing us around to who they believe the government can afford.  I believe America should continue with the freedom of choice, and give health care to those who cannot afford it, or make a projection that in the future all Americans will get proper care.  As of today, those who cannot be seen by a doctor due to expense are seen at emergency wards, since they cannot be turned away. 

Do not let the government govern your body with a panel of people who know nothing about your health.
You see, you can feel pain in all different directions from health and wealth to taxes and joblessness.  We know even the rich got poorer this time around, but then imagine where the middle class stands, and forbid we talk about the poor.  Have you heard about the poor during the debates?  What happened to them – well they completely grew out of control due to the economy and no jobs, what was once the middle class is now the poor – this is why you haven’t heard the word poor from the mouths of any candidate. 

There was a time when home was a sacred place, a private place where things that went on inside stayed inside, but this is no longer the case. Today our government knows what we eat, how often, and where we travel, how often, who works and doesn’t, and most of all – far too many questions before you are eligible for assistance when all the rights to care is staring at those who review records, since records are no longer a private matter. 

I know young people who suffer day to day with special needs and hold onto the ability to drive themselves to doctor appointments and go shopping for food but the government thinks long term care means giving everything you worked for to a nursing home, and being part of the State, not your family.  Heaven forbid if you can drive and receive help from the government because they have rules concerning how many bottles of milk you can purchase.  Under some programs you cannot own  a home, have any bank accounts, checking account, but you have twenty four hour care needs, out of pocket.  You tell me, are they chasing these individuals into government care, or helping them to be independent despite their disadvantages. 

Government has taken over your life, knows your every move as if you were the main character playing on Lifetime.
Let me add, individuals and professionals abuse the system, and a recent crackdown on physicians who abused Medicare was a drop in the bucket.  It isn’t always the poor who take advantage of situations. 

If we as a nation remain in the state we are in we will find more crime as it stretches out into the suburbs and desperate individuals who never committed any criminal act will do so to save their family.  Various statistics has shown an increase in crime in the suburbs.   

Any permanent change to what we have today must be made in a proper way, where all are represented, and have a say so about living the correct life in a free nation, under God.  When we abruptly change a system to make gains in some issue to show you kept a promise, it is only throwing grease on the fire.  The plan explodes into smoke, and a country is lost among the paper work and improper decisions. 

There is a right way and wrong way to change rules, govern the people, protect life and support communities.  Don’t be in a rush because four years past, and nothing was accomplished, I am sorry to say.  Even proof to the people of America, those who lost loved ones at war lasting 11 years, could not say Bin Laden is dead;  a difficult thing to write, yet harder to accept.  You see, this is a prime example of rushing to get rid of the culprit who supposedly was the king pin in charge of 911, and with him dead, we will never know.

Change reflects hard work, proper management with the right people.
Change must be made slowly, not rushed, and most of all instituted by the right people.  Imagine, waking up as President of the United States and reading the headlines, the war spreads, and continues for eleven years.  Let us not forget this same person must find the best way to heal the sick, take care of the elderly, feed the poor, house the homeless, lower gas prices, mend roads, fix beaches, build new homes, help small business, borrow from one institution to pay back the other.  The list can continue but is far too long for this article. 

What I am trying to place in front of the voter, we no longer can run our country by a bunch of bureaucrats, elected officials who have no idea how to handle certain circumstances.  Some prestigious positions in government, are handed to those who gave time and money to elect an official, President, Congress, Senate, right on down the line.    

Giving jobs to those who work hard on a campaign is a good deed but not a healthy way of running a nation.    
What comes first, the chicken or the egg?  Not to make light of the subject but we as a nation must protect the vulnerable, not rush into a program that citizens have never read or heard all the details, keeping much of the information in the boardroom, and it will affect all Americans.  More important, don’t give your life to some stranger in a suit directing your health and well being from a swivel chair in Washington D.C.  Keep our seniors and those with special needs in better shape, instead of robbing from their funds to pay off debt, take from those who can afford a donation, improve life for those who worked hard and contributed to the program, they deserve it. 

All too often your hear about a new way to handle a problem at the government level – I am still fighting a problem which I addressed for twenty years – Why is it even those candidates running for office in this election do not link up Medicare with those under the age of receiving Social Security Insurance because of disabilities.  Why is it that these individuals have worked the required number of years and struck by some unfortunate circumstance, are not part of any platform? 

As a person who serves as an advocate for others, I have spoken up and down the east coast, and with Presidential Candidates, one on one, for over an hour on Medicare and Health Care, including joining the late Senator Edward Kennedy at Faneuil Hall in Boston, for AARP on Save Our Security.  The government continues to ignore important issues brought up time, and time again, but not through their mouths, but those with concern for their future.  After listening to three debates I never, never heard Medicare linked with the younger individual who needs the program now, and deserves a say so when addressing the issue.  The people who are on Medicare with a disability are ignored, perhaps they are thought of as a burden to the system – or they really don’t exist.   

In addition to my first concerns regarding living on disability insurance if you were a single person without any other income, with more care needed then the average individual, what in the world would these people do with a voucher system?  We have doctors in the system who will turn away Medicare patients, and then flip that coin, we have doctors in the system that abuse Medicare – a recent report on the news said they have cracked down, but they have a long way to go. 

This election is important to all of us regardless of age, background, income – it is your future.  I must add I am not in favor of the Government telling me when I am sick – as I mentioned above, with a panel of people sitting in swivel chairs looking at a computer and telling you – you left the hospital two days ago, you are not allowed back even if you are deathly ill because of some new rule.  This, my friends, is what is in the future if Obama wins and passes health care. This is only one issue among many.  We are in bad shape, it isn’t the time to throw at the public something which will cause even more concern – and give no choice to you, the voter.  Revamp the Health Care Program to fit individuals you haven’t even spoken about.  Revamp it, don’t pass it.

As a writer, and advocate – when I reach out to the public I have placed my highest concern where people will be in danger, regardless of party affiliation.  I will fight issues first.  It is time we all take a stand, and think about tomorrow.

  1. Avatar of Joyce White
    Joyce White says

    Good article Nancy. I, too, am advocate for the shadows out there, that they will not be victimized. Joyce

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    I can hear it in your voice, your words ring true. I am so pleased you have taken the time to let others know your battles, and may the future prove a better world for you, and all Americans, and those around the world. Always, Nancy

    1. Avatar of Joyce White
      Joyce White says

      Thank you Nancy. My birthday is November 12th and I will be 67. It is going to be a great year. Because of Obama my mortgage contract was modified and I have the security of a house of my own until I leave this world. My muses are best fans. They give me words when I am at a loss as to what to say. Relating to each other’s pain lessons the hurt and increases our hope and love for one another. Thanks again, Joyce

  3. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Well, I voted–as always. And now I am celebrating!

  4. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Andrew, good for you – I have heard so many reasons for celebrating, and of course I heard the negative. It is like revisiting the debates to be – when people finally open up and speak their mind. I guess, if we could use the old saying made famous in CA., “Why can’t we all get along,” it would make good sense right about now. Sincerely, Nancy

  5. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Joyce – it has been known for my lifetime that the democrat is a people person, one who doesn’t fight over helping others and not just themselves. When we can accept we are all different, with different needs at different times – without trying to take away from those in need – but find ways to help them, we will be a country that gets along. I am for a government that works together – and I wonder if it will ever happen? Always, Nancy

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