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When Congress is the Bully

We have a predicament in Congress, and an annoying one which could be considered the longest running play on the American Stage. 

I have never seen a group of grown people with the right to handle Government for us, corrupt others and laugh about it while the television is taping or citizens are watching a debate, in the halls of Congress, live. I became aware of politics as a young girl – I am speaking of the left and right. 

I believe it is time that Congress gathers the seeds we planted and grow up, spread your thoughts as you take on scattered seats, next to a person from the other side of the aisle.  How poorly Congress appears as they bicker back and forth booing one another when they disagree.  How many times do parents tell their children to deal with it, not to continue to pester others?

The key to this problem is unity.  Well for heavens sake at least you can sit next to one another, and besides that – once the show is over you are all good friends.  We know you frequent the same hang out, share dinner – once in a while, or go to the same places scattered around D.C.  The news isn’t covering you so you can act civil. 

It is all show, like a circus – we have heard it called this before – but we cannot let important resolutions go without a conclusion because of small talk similar to what is heard on a playground.  When Congress and the Senate represents us, they should do so with dignity, without bullying one another – it looks ridiculous when half the room stands and the other half is sitting, or half is clapping and the other half is booing.  This goes on and on like the ever ready battery.

When you think of that person you elected to represent you, keep your eye on them, see if they are your typical congressional complainer, who through expressions and stand up comedy, cause this nation to get nothing accomplished.  Send a letter to your representative and tell them to scatter around the room, surprise the country and be respectful of one another’s thoughts and contributions.

The trouble is – it is like the plague – when one starts it continues and there is no stopping it.  So this “do nothing approach to government” has to be stopped all together.  Did you ever think our officials would act like two teams on a ball field?

So to the Congress – Senate:  Take a moment and switch your seating, stop the bickering and get some things accomplished, and most of all, if you want to keep your job – people will be aware of your actions, and who wants a grown up acting childlike as a representative for “we” the people.

It is time to sit together, not split apart like your ready to tackle each other as you shoot daggers, instead of footballs.  Now – get something accomplished.

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