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At first, I read and liked it and then that extroverted and opinionated aspect took over, so to speak, and I began to prepare a comment. I commented on two decent relationship articles; one was about narcissism.

By the end of the third article, I felt opinionated more than anything else. In this case, the feeling was intense enough to blog about it

commentsLove is a strong, healthy emotion. When one is not feeling it much, life seems to be worse. When one is feeling it strongly, even coping with adversity becomes easier. That is my experience. In my case, I have been very fortunate in that I love easily, widely, and often enough very deeply. 

Perhaps you have heard of spiritual equanimity? On that front, I often fail but may have managed to experience it as a mental and emotional state now and then. However, it doesn’t hold up that well under pressure as I have strong personal preferences and sometimes experience more anger than I feel is somehow ‘allowed’. 

That being admitted, it is still excellent fortune indeed, to find it easy to love others and hence, to feel love.

There have been times when that has not been true, and those were certainly dark days for me. Like everyone else, it depends on what else is going on or affecting my frame of mind. Sometimes receiving affection is hard for me, other times it is easy. I am not sure why that is, but it has been that way for like 40 years now. 

I believe the vast majority of loving relationships are not sexual in nature, except as derivatives of sexual feeling or expression. Whenever people are mature enough and get into it, and have good experiences with it, sexual love is one of life’s great natural pleasures. It can be a wonderful means for showing affection but being limited to it would not be good, as it would mean it would be impossible to express warmth in most of one’s loving relationships.

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