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The area around Ballston Spa and Malta (Saratoga Lake) has a high number of sightings throughout the years. This area is known as the Hudson Valley and lower Adirondack Zone has experienced waves of objects known as UFOs in the sky.

Records have told us NYS is #5 on a list of all the states who reported UFOs, from the first UFO report in New York in 1820. This was not only a viewing but it was an encounter and the description is unbelievable but has been the story of a 14-year-old boy who was extremely ill and was praying when a light approached from the sky and touched him.

ufoHe reported to have seen two human-like beings – the following day, his parents frantic, people began to search and finally located the boy in the woods, walking –  the boy known to be paralyzed. Remember at this early date nothing was flying about the night sky.

Three years later in 1823, the object returns to the boy who is now seventeen, once again the description would be one so long for this article. The strange thing, because of not knowing about flying objects people all believed it was a messenger from God. Although today when we watch programs such as Ancient Aliens, we learn that angels also fly, but who gave them wings? I never gave this a thought until I watched the discovery series.

In 1833, they actually started calling these contacts ships – when the ship was hovering over Niagara Falls, and hundreds of people were watching. It is on record.

Getting back to the area around Ballston Spa and this region –  In 1947 a Glens Falls couple reported seeing a UFO, an object taking on various formations (as people were watching from their rooftops) colors of orange and red, blue – leaving with a flash of red after nearly motionless for at least thirty minutes. This NY visitation was one of the many following what took place in Roswell N.M. that occurred only a few days earlier.

One important viewing was in 1956 over Schenectady New York, only about ten miles from Ballston Spa. On the evening of April 8th, two pilots were flying 6000 feet above Schenectady when their American Airlines Flight 775 nearly collided with an object and then past them moving at least, at 1000 miles per hour. Then, the UFO instantly reappeared in front of the plane. A quote from the Ryan, one of the captains on flight 775 –

“It changed color after it got to the west of us, we knew there was something up there, and now here we were with a load of passengers with something on our course up ahead and what are we going to do? So we watched where this light went out and this orange object came on.”

Ryan said he is convinced that the object was real and that there is something fantastic up there.

The same thing happened with a pilot of Mohawk Airlines landing in Albany, only fifteen miles from Ballston Spa. This happened in the fifties, and reports recorded.

In the 1980s, more reports began to come in around the Ballston Spa, Malta and Saratoga Springs area, including the capital district. Usually when even crowds of people see something hanging above treetops which no aircraft can do, without any movement, for long periods of time you know its nothing we had or if we did it wouldn’t be kept a secret, and something would appear in the newspapers. What is strange in the mid 80’s on a busy highway in this area, everyone stopped their cars, stood outside and stared above the treetops, these people said nothing, only stared at an object, which looked like all the other UFOs reported. The object stayed in its place for at least thirty plus minutes. When it was over, without speaking to those parked in front or back, they re-entered their cars and began driving, and nothing was said inside the car – it is as if they were told in some way not to talk about it. Nothing was reported to the paper, but as we know the papers are told not to report many things because it could cause a panic. This same thing continued in the area for a few years. It had happened in the sixties, seventies, and eighties, not to forget the fifties and forties.

Last year a UFO was reported in the Ballston Spa area, 2011, when people were staring up at the sky at this huge object hanging above them heading south on the Northway, to the right, toward Ballston Spa. It remained in a motionless position for about twenty minutes and simply vanished from the speed of the craft. The craft did have the usual colors surrounding an odd shape flashing off and on, as I was told.

Malta has a large place known as Luther Forest, some of it is now a huge park, where forest, was taken away – and since this began, twice I have heard of odd objects in the sky at night hovering over Luther Forest, and staying there motionless in space.  Nothing appeared in newspapers. It would make you wonder If these other beings are from another Universe – are they learning new things from us, or perhaps they are teaching us things we don’t know.  We will never know the truth.

Reports of UFOs over Military bases, airports, in woods, over water, and hundreds of airline pilots have reported seeing them began over two hundred years ago and the area around Ballston Spa, Malta, and Saratoga Lake NY has been of interest for generations with people reporting seeing UFOs hovering over land in these areas.  Luther Forest and going back two hundred years, the entire area was dark and isolated.  As the years pass, more people reported seeing strange objects, calling them UFOs in the sky. As reported, many of these UFOs had landing areas, could Luther Forest been one of those areas?

A section of the forest, was used during World War II and a portion of the area is surrounded by barbed wire fence protecting dead space.  Luther Forest, a thick privately owned piece of property, large in size, and away from populated areas has changed completely.  People have reported UFO’s in this area for years. Objects hovering over Saratoga Lake, only a mile up the road from Malta and Luther forest, and a couple miles from the Ballston Spa Area and Saratoga Springs.

The area referred to above, of dead space, operated during World War II, as history has written, and they tell the public it was a waste area for material from the war.  This area remains locked, posted, surrounds as I stated with barbed wire, and is still dead land. Today it is near the new foundry in the area. The area has dead trees, no greens, such as grass or weeds, everything, destroyed by something.  The strange part of the story is the new building needed clean land to build.  Whatever destroyed the area, was not bothered by what killed the vegetation in the closed area, not far from the new plant.

Having this area locked and controlled gives you the assumption something has gone on in this area prior to the disruption of the land. What surprises me – the area is in the town of Ballston, Stillwater, near Saratoga Lake, where the new building has been built.  The area where the public has been kept away for years, up to the completion of the ground floor of the new building. Armed guards protected the area as if they were protecting a Military facility or the White House. No one at the time of its’ beginning could get close to the property. This building is now without guards and employs 2,000 people and double that number in two years. I still can’t understand the guards when they began the building when work was being done beneath the ground, near the barbed wire area – kept closed to the public for years.

These objects known as UFOs are interested in this area – have been for many years.  Our current President visited the site and spoke about it in various locations near the site, three times.  He was speaking of the added jobs to the community, and training available by Hudson Valley College on site, and employing thousands of local people.

Yes, the upstate NY area has always been of interest with Knolls, GE, Nuclear Plants, and more. What do they want? Or do we want something from them? We will never learn the truth.

  1. Avatar of Joyce White
    Joyce White says

    We will learn the truth. Our prayers are answered by some deity, who’s to say God does not travel via UFO’s. I believe we are an experimental society they keep checking on. I also believe there are angels all around us, even among us. It is said writers cannot write without hope. This is what I hope..

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    I love your statement, we do not know how God travels, do we? Your thoughts about an experimental society is quite interesting. I can see movies in my head where the same ideas were used, but remember, ideas for movies come from one source or another, even if it could be an over imagination. LOL Thanks so much, Sincerely Nancy

  3. Avatar of Robert Politz
    Robert Politz says

    If one studies science with an open mind, one discovers that all matter, including that which makes up the human body, is pure energy. Consider the ratio of “matter” to the nothingness of space in between said “matter. Picture the size of the Earth as compared to its distance to the sun around which it revolves. Then consider the same ratio of an electron revolving around the nucleus of an atom. Go further, down to a quark and up further to the universe itself.

    Now consider both the largest and the smallest as merely the edge of what scientists have accepted as reality but acknowledge that the same ratio of “matter to space” continues into infinity and you have the concept of our existence. Only the energy remains. Of course, if you cut a piece of string in half and continue cutting the remaining piece in half, forever, you will still have never reached the end of the string.

    And that, dear Nancy, brings us to the “String Theory” of parallel universes.

    Perhaps the UFO’s of which you’ve written are not from another planet. Instead, they may be from a different universe, a different time or even a different frequency of existence. Then again, there’s always the weather balloons and atmospheric disturbances to blame. {;p)

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