Tuesday: You are the Troops who Vote


Here we are in 2012, so let us take a few steps back before you vote:

In 2008, our Country was fighting a losing battle and the people were still sleeping when voting on Election Day.  Troops were still marching into the Middle East and more bodies brought home, to ignore the innocent lives lost at war.

election-2012Honestly – I thought Americans understood what was happening to the economy, the troops, as the single war traveled on to become many wars, and the government knew it.

No one would win a war like this one, and still we know of people dying from country to country – we wake up and wonder which country? This war was not a war to approach in battle because we have enough intelligence to search for the culprit if he really was the culprit.  Yet the winner I believed would lose by a landslide, but by a thread in Florida, and with chads counted, and volunteers, instead of a re-vote by the people and for the people, the courts decided in a free election.

Here we are neck and neck and its 2012 following and an 11-year war.  Our own country has fallen into shambles, people are unemployed, the cost of food keeps going up, the poor become outcasts and the rich simply sell one of their homes.  We have done away with the middle class altogether.  Gas prices are on a tilt a whirl, while people struggle to make it to work if they do have a job.  How did all this happen?

First, the money went to war – we provided both the men, cash, and gave away our life here in our own country by destroying the economy when jobs had to be given up to go to war, to fight a battle never won. Why I say this, we weren’t sure who the culprit was, we believed our President, and after we all know anyone can come up with a voice in this world of technology.  I recall the comments during the first few years, “You can’t change a country,” but we certainly changed our own country.

In recent articles, I have mentioned in detail the issues at stake, but today the issue is who will be our next President?  The race, according to polls tells us they are neck and neck, right down to the popular vote which doesn’t mean anything when it comes to electorates.

After looking back at the Presidential candidates I thought this country could return to a three party system to make the fight for office true – honest – and upfront, directed for the people and by the people.  Let us take a moment and ask why.

When Bush took over, he was – and always will be as far right as a candidate could be, but the country isn’t so.  Bush then pushed the left as far left as a Democrat could be – in Congress – in the white house – so nothing can be resolved.  This leaves us with two candidates, fighting the belief system of a party and not the country to be elected.  When a candidate can work on issues with both sides they come out ahead.  What happened was the parties never saw eye to eye – or tried to get anything accomplished, and this blew up any chance for our country to fix the economy, a way which would satisfy both parties.

We are a generation of change – and vote for what we need in our own lives, and this is number one when you visit your polling place on Tuesday.  You must take to heart what it is that is killing your own pocket, your community, and country and try to reason with your past belief system, and try to help others.

Speaking of helping others – here we are in the middle of another natural disaster and politics takes a hold of the situation and twists it, because, a President is trying to reach out to those in need.  One thing for sure, at least our President showed up, remember when Bush took his sweet old time to even go to the site of Katrina, but he is a person of a different nature.  I am sure any other President would be out there trying to help.  Those who lost everything in Katrina many residents are still without a home, still without a job, still without any security what so ever.  What will it take to bring together those we elect to work for us?

First – we need a leader who listens to the public because we are living it, they are hearing it.  A big difference no matter who you are.  We need a leader who is willing to discuss with Congress the best things for us, the voter, and follow through with compliance at the highest level.  Today we don’t have the time to sit around and form a commission or panel because we need the help now.

This latest disaster shows how unprepared we are as a country to fix things quickly.  Each natural disaster, FEMA has been blamed for taking a nap, per se – and tonight, people are still waiting. I do understand there are only a number of hands in the pot, with many volunteers, but finish the job.

Let’s take a look at the disaster just before the hurricane/nor’easter storm – when people were dying because of contaminated medication – do you know the laws passed by our government regarding the use of medication and the protection for its’ people – our FDA states, “safety means strong regulations which make for trust with regards to consumer protection against anti-government.”  Stated by the Commissioner of the FDA in 2007, he mentions all manufacturers and all products, either sold abroad to us or manufactured here fall under those guidelines.

The government wanted the manufacturer to perform testing on their products and inspecting its’ facilities because we have far too many facilities across our country and abroad.  The FDA claimed to protect the health and safety of the American people according to their statements and policy.  What happened to these fly by night manufacturers who distribute around the country and abroad the cheaper form of the drug, and the FDA said they had nothing to do with it.  Are we double-talking?

Everything stems to the anti-regulation action in politics.

So we are heading to the voting booth and we are going to pick the right man (notice – man – woman have a fat chance in America to take the seat.)  I do not believe I will see a woman as President in my lifetime because of all the politics starting from the ground on up.  The cost each candidate has to have upfront shakes out the normal people – who live with life differently – and so forth.

So let’s stop the old fashion ways of picking a President and let’s look at this as being the first time Americans vote on their own free will – I have to mention the free phones passed out to voters in Ohio – because if that was not a bribe nothing was.  Who is going to pay the cost after the service sends the bill?  Sorry, but I am still wondering who thought of that as a gimmick to get out the vote.  I have worked for the Clintons on issues and never saw anything like that.  In my own mind, if President Clinton could run for office Tuesday he would win, without a doubt – he fought his own personal battles, but never gave up on America, leaving us with money earmarked for SSI and Medicare and it was blown up overseas.

I have to admit one thing – when a President sidesteps and gives in for the people and not the party. he will be a real winner.  Americans, as I have stated, over and over – are concerned about what’s happening around them, and if they only enter the booth on Tuesday and think about the past, and hope for the future, we may have a chance – or a half a chance.

In 2008 we made the choice to bring back Bush – people were still gung ho on patriots and fighting for America – when America was fighting on its’ own land, destroying the homeland piece by piece.  We had no proof who really caused 911 in the first place.  We believed the first statement and took it no further.  It was wrong.  Just like Bush, employing his own brother to bring all that remained of 911 to some foreign country when it is was a federal crime scene.  He was not thinking of us, he was thinking about politics. I won’t stir that bucket at the moment.

Yes, I can go on but I have stated these things before, what we need today is a knowingness as to what is happening, meaning the truth.  We need you to have an open ear, a clear head, and eyes around that head – to know what is about to happen in either direction.  Your vote on Tuesday can make a difference, you can help yourself for a better future because you have to learn to participate in government, and if you can’t, find someone who will speak out for you.

First, why battle, where we were sure things, will not change – why think a country has weapons of mass destruction and find nothing but a truckload of American money in large bills, probably enough to pay for the war – no one knows where it went.  Who – do you trust in government?  Who will bring back to you what you had 12 years ago?  Who will listen to you and not make drastic changes in government without going through the program inch by inch instead of destroying lives along the way?  I am asking you the voter – difficult questions to answer –  to find the right person for some, and probably why a third party would bring out the best in us.

As an advocate for the people, regardless of your choice in party politics, I will always fight for what I believe is missing or wrong in government, and try to instill this into those we voted for.  I have done it before, and I will continue.  However, you as the voter must see beyond your front door, and think of those who are doing without because of change – we let the government take over our mindset, and never thought to question the reasons behind this terrible economy.

Tuesday is the day to open up your own mind, and hopefully find peace in your heart you did the right thing.  We need to work as one, no longer divided.  We need to have a nation open to suggestions, change, one person is not always right nor is a group of people in Congress.  We do not need bullying in government.  We are the voters, we live here, hopefully, we all will be working, enjoying the years ahead and protected by the government, not torn down by policies and rules written in a rush.

Perhaps a magic wand to get us out of the mess we are in.  It will take an army to battle our own battles.  It all began, because, we were told to trust in government and to believe what our leader tells us – but we were stunned into belief.  Now is the time to wake up and do the right thing for you, your neighbor, community and the country.  On Tuesday, I will be out and about listening to the people, you, our decider – the one who votes.  The following day we will be speaking about all the things that were wrong with this election, instead of focusing on what has to be changed now to make living here an opportunity instead of a time of peril.  In my heart I hope who takes the oath of office will place the concerns of the people first – and this includes the Congress.  It is far beyond the time to work together and fix our own country.

Working together always makes life easier – when we are torn, we lose.

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