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This is America

This is America – tonight we hear more about robbing from Medicaid (those who are poor, have no home, can own a junkie car, and have a few dollars for food if they can afford it. 

This also includes the people on Long Term Care, something you never hear a political figure talk about – like your grandmother in a nursing home, or at home care, needing around the clock supervision, and physical therapy from the home, and the list goes on.) 

Our government in the great USA wants to take from Medicaid, and Medicare.  To be on these Government run state and federal programs you have to have worked a number of years.  (Those who use Medicare are either retired, on a fixed income, or are on disability)  Once again, this is another group that needs all the security they can get, and to be allowed to receive you earned credits, and are offered it at the time you retire, or are injured, either permanently and not expected to improve.  Why is it we never hear about the people only the words, Medicare and Medicaid? 

Twice, before the election, I took part in the AARP conference call, I have worked with many individuals who had a great deal to do with working to change health care in the 90’s, as most of you know, and health care is my pet peeve.  During the AARP conference call I mentioned to them the fraud in the system would pay for those who are receiving this entitlement – I myself faced fraud in the system when someone handed me papers saying they performed this and that and  the doctor never stepped one foot into the doorway of the exam room. 

Not one doctor but two from the same practice.  No kidding.  The doctor wrote it up, charged Medicare, and presto, they were paid.  When I asked for a copy of my record, (remember I am not the age for collecting Medicare and it would not have entered their mind I had another insurance, and I would be comparing facts.) I learned to compare every visit to any medical institution.  Yes, some are honest mistakes but when the doctor calls you at home and begins to yell at you –  telling you – you are wrong, I had to state, “I had my husband with me on each visit,” which I do due to the fact of driving.  I continued, “You never stepped into the room, never gave me shots, never had me walk, or never even touched my legs, knees, etc.  At the time, I was suffering like many with bad knees.  I opted for medicine and not shots or surgery.  The doctor opted for more money from my insurance.

Back to the Government and their system – most of all those people we vote into office are to protect us not to ruin us.  The GOP will not give in if their life depended on it.  In a previous article I wrote how they should shake hands and think of the people they are serving, and at least stop making fools of themselves in the chamber when the President says something and we hear booing, and then the other side, likewise.  Bullies I call them, most of them.  Lately I have heard some people telling Americans, who are GOP, that things need to be changed, and by hurting the middle class, it won’t help a thing.   Wow… 

Perhaps this congress person listened to those who voted for him, perhaps he knows the cost of drugs, medical te4sting and treatment, gas, food, and he has seen a few vets after they returned home from war, and which one – I mean, they seem to be breaking out all over again, war and battles, bombs and people being killed, for what?  Tonight there was talk about Chemical War from Syria.  And if this happens, yes, America will be calling back the troops.  Which brings us to why we are in this shape to begin with – we were fighting a war where we never belonged.  We were searching for one man and killed another, we were jumping from one country to the other because someone said there were weapons of mass destruction:  we have them too – they only thing found was an eighteen wheeler with large bills, American money – and that disappeared.

I have never been a believer of war, peaceful talks seemed to work for sometime, until the war became a personal gain – not for us, we were far from the thoughts of those making over 250,000 dollars.  We were not the ones who visited the shrine of the man we were hunting down to slaughter, because we believed in a message, taking the blame, we still don’t know if that was the right one, remember the patsy during 1963?

We were all living decent lives before 911 – before all the money we had, then borrowed, then borrowed more, to continue fighting, killing, and destroying countries which were never going to change, began  sending our boys and men and women home, like Viet Nam, in caskets.  There is one thing to find the culprit but not rob life and the life of this country.

The problem is, during 911 the President could have said anything and the people were so shocked they accepted anything.  Presto, the plan was set.  The things I could say here which are proven, and questions about 911 would shock you, but that will be another article, but look for it. 

Let’s go back to today, and the President who is fighting against the other side, they should have boxing gloves on, they are a sad display of government.  The GOP has never believed in helping the people, but helping themselves, it is their motto – but they lost in this battle –  second homes, third car, weekly trips to Rome, and so forth, and yes I agree it is all what we become use too. 

Tell me, did they ever have to ask a person at a cash register to put back the bread and water because they didn’t have enough money to cover the total bill?  If they did then they would be helping others not hurting them.  Many of those wealthy individuals give back in their own way, and I praise them for their kindness.  If those who represented us walked in the shoes of the women placing the bread back, and the water, perhaps they could think of the word compromise. Perhaps this should be a prerequisite for running for office in America, but the only proven prerequisite is a pile of money in your own bank account then your name can appear on a petition.

Therefore, as I mentioned and preached before this article, they want to attack your soul possession and that is your home, take the tax deduction away from your tax return.  The middle class would be paying something upfront like those in the upper bracket.   Sure, why not attack them again, and again.

We use to have protestors against war, they grew up and became corporate America.  We had people who believed in peace around the world, they grew up and wanted a cut from the wealthiest, to guarantee their own pocket books.  If you had written this in the sixties I would have laughed, we were fighting a useless war at that time, and this one will continue too as long as there is an earth.  We will not change these countries.  We cannot afford to place our own people in a bigger whole to pull the world away from war.

I recall in the early 1900’s when the war was going on in Italy and the people prayed for their children and husbands, or sons safety.  Many took off, came here to the land of the free.  They soon learned even then that this land was not free – it often refused to hire immigrants, and remember, we all immigrants in one way or another.  So let’s treat everyone equal, and not keep taking from the vulnerable class, like long ago.  We must start being the country our fore fathers told us, the land of the free.  I wonder, does N.H. still have the logo, “Live Free or Die?”  I often wondered while I lived their during the Clinton years, if they really represented the class of Americans who would represent the voting class of all Americans?  

So the evening news wasn’t anything to brag about – we still have the bullies – those who fight for a party instead of its’ people.  I can tell you, in the small town where I live, the a small district, Obama won 3/1 in a GOP area.  So – I knew then and there who the winner was, you see there is something about politics that has always been – but this time around, it did not happen.

I wonder if the news will be better tomorrow?

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