THAT UNTAMEABLE, IMPOSSIBLE TO DEFEAT, SPIRIT OF THEIRS is Adventurous, Audacious, Chivalrous, Confident, Courageous, Daring, Fearless, Gallant, Game, Heroic, Lionhearted, Resolute, Strong, Unafraid, Valiant, Adventuresome, Impregnable, Insurmountable, Resolute, Ruthless, Unbeatable, Unconquerable, Undefeatable, Unflinching & is Identical to our own.

Their INDOMITABLE SPIRIT knows it’s Invincible and thrives on Absolute Joy. It gets that Joy from what’s real, what’s true, what’s honorable, what’s integritus. It gets that Joy from REAL RELATING of Truth Unedited; REAL MASTERIES to which there is no end; REAL TOOLS of their own choosing & REAL BONDING from Your Unconditional Love.

THEIR INDOMITABLE SPIRIT & YoursTheir INDOMITABLE SPIRIT makes one thing clear, they are so much more than the body they wear. They are Daring, Courageous, Lionhearted & Absolutely Fearless. All daring is an unflinching integrity to their own soul’s calling. Not All daring is physical, yet All daring is integritus.

Their HUMAN BODY is unbelievably pliable & wonderfully resilient. For most, it will live through some pretty amazing, inconceivable moments of their choosing. And even though you may fear for your children’s physical safety, we have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to hold them back from their Own Souls Calling.

What you do have is EVERY RIGHT & EVERY DUTY to prepare them well to choose well. What you do have is the most natural, most human, most noble, most involuntary move on earth, to toss your Body & Soul right in front of theirs to prevent an off moment. What you do have is honor & integrity to know what is noble of you & what is not.

WE ARE ACCOUNTABLE for being noble and integritus in all ways, on all fronts with our children. We are equally accountable for our children having a perfect mastery on every front, by HONORING their Indomitable Spirit that calls them, inspires them, drives them to live at all costs & by MASTERING being with, living with, loving with, working with, defending with the physical body they wear.

THIS WE KNOW, The PEOPLE we call CHILDREN know truth when they hear it. They know when you’re being genuine. They know when you’re imparting truth and that’s the stuff they can’t get enough of. Their Indomitable Spirit will hang on your every word long before they master speaking and THAT SAME SPIRIT of theirs will turn away from you as fast as they can whenever truth is watered down or left unspoken by you. Who you choose to be with your children determines whether you will be heard, honored & successful in raising them to be here, to live here, to love here and so much more.

YOU CAN’T TAME the untameable. YOU CAN prepare for it. YOU CAN remember when, YOU CAN remember yours and YOU CAN honor theirs. Long before our children walk & talk or even crawl, there is much to be said, conveyed, communicated, shown & shared with them. Tell them “the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth” for all the rest of your days and Joyfully Reap having done so.

AT FIRST BREATH be sure and give them room to seize their Joys with their peaceful heart and all their gusto, for HONORING your children & their INDOMITABLE SPIRIT, HONORS YOU.


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