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The Whodoit of Politics

The Whodoit of Politics

Who of us loves a good mystery? A whodunit that keeps us turning pages or glued to our seat in front of the TV.

That is the theme for today’s politics. Whodoit and whowantsit? Is it possible for a man/child to make enough changes to make America great again? Who says America isn’t great right now?

Protests in New York City on April 14, 2016.

Trump severely struck a nerve in those who voted for him. For those down and out, we want a change. For the rich, they don’t want change.

We’ll soon find out if what we wanted was what we needed. We who are insecure about our future need to remember the Democratic way to peacefully make the transition to the new president-elect. Sherlock Holmes says, “There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”

Even before the previous election, polls showed that there was widespread anxiety about our future for many reasons. On the one hand, many believe climate change poses an existential threat to humanity.

Does the Donald think there is no such thing? On the other hand, people of different faiths have begun uniting in their beliefs, suggesting that ancient prophecies seem to be coming true, including all the flooding, earthquakes, and global fires.

Also, which some might think comical but scary, is the sure coming of the Jetson Age. Google director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil, believes there will be a point in time when computers become more intelligent than humans – maybe by 2029.

Immorality is in free fall because of the all of the above; and more. Could we compare a seven-year period of unparalleled mayhem culminating in the Battle of Armageddon; to Trump’s presidency? Is he really the expected Antichrist, who will consolidate his power and call himself God? Like Hillary says in their debate, he’s got great kids. It is hard to believe their father is the Anti-Christ.

In journalism, investigative reporters are often told to “Follow the money” to uncover the truth behind a story. It is also thought Money and the “love” of money is a prominent theme in the Bible and now in real life.

Who got it? Who hasn’t got it? Who wants it bad enough to steal, murder, and maim for it? Why are children murdering their parents for money; and why are their parents abusing their children for lack of it? Maybe, the Bible was right. Money is evil.

I believe money was the chief factor in the election of Trump and his scary cabinet-to-be. I wonder who owes who what for their monetary support for Trump? Will an accomplished financier turn us into a cashless society someday, where the government exercises powerful control over all our lives and our behaviors?

It has been thought that the push and pull of Democracy is a continuing education in human nature. We’re all learning change is a scary thing. Change is not something we should be afraid of. While we all want freedom from hunger, disease and to prosper. We also need the freedom to have a say in our Destinies, no matter our DNA or our station in life.

Hopefully, new lineage in the White House will reverse the nation’s economic decline and the growing inequities between the people. I agree with Hillary, “we are on new ground, and somehow we must make it common ground.”

I appreciate that Trump said he will forgo his presidential salary and take only $1.00 for his presidential services. This is very generous, but he’s still not paying his fair share of taxes. Unfortunately, we usually get what we pay for, and I hope in this one instance, this man/child is worth more than a dollar.

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