The Most Brilliant Con Game Ever Devised


Further to my piece on bogus mission statements comes the equally bogus notion of your personal carbon footprint.

Once well meaning, but sadly deluded scientists, had convinced their respective governments of their mistaken belief that somehow man was responsible for global warming, governments and big business immediately began devising ways of making money by praying on your ignorance and gullibility.

While it is undeniably true the Earth is experiencing a period of warming, what is totally unpalatable is that big business, backed by devious politicians, looking for a new election platform across the world are making money out of it.

What a brilliant scheme carbon footprint offsetting has turned out to be. You have to take your hat off to whoever it was who came up with this latest licence to print money.

It’s sheer business genius!

Pray on a gullible nation’s conscience long enough by conning them into believing that the increased amount of carbon in the upper atmosphere is somehow their fault, and they will pay for it through the nose, feeling guilty for something that is not their fault!

What a totally brilliant con game.

In recent years, companies have been set up purely to make money from the whole global warming fallacy. Stock markets trade on it making gazillions. Airlines pay vast amounts of money to displace the miniscule amount of carbon they create each time they take to the air, carrying you to your holiday destination.

Hallo! Paying money for purportedly creating tiny amounts of extra carbon, won’t eliminate that self same carbon – sorry! There is no magical industrial vacuum cleaner up in the stratosphere sucking it all up!

All that paying money to ease your conscience does is to line the pockets of a whole new money making industry created around the mythical carbon concept.

Fact – the Earth periodically shifts from cold periods to warm. It has done for millions of years. It will carry on doing so long after humankind has died out and been replaced by a new dominant species.

Fallacy – It has nothing to do with you.

For God’s sake folks – WAKE UP!

  1. Avatar of Darrell Costa
    Darrell Costa says

    And I suppose human evolution is a hoax too? Mountains of evidence support our role in global warming…

    1. Avatar of Roy
      Roy says

      Simple people follow band wagons without doing their own research. Next is the sheep who screams the loudest. There is truth in every thing, the lie is in believing that we should feel guilty. There is evidence of global warming but carbon as the cause is the lie. If the professors were to work on something to help this world and not all work on the same stuff we as humans would be further along. The carbon foot print is an easy way to earn a living, then say to create something new and useful. Wagons in a circle are boxed in with no growth. It is a Con Game called Follow the Leader, so I don’t have to..

  2. Avatar of Amanda
    Amanda says

    I tend to agree with Darrell.
    There’s too much independently researched data about men’s influence in destroying our planet. I simply cannot believe in this global conspiracy. It would mean that the thousands of scientist who researched this phenomenon would have no integrity? Please… Even cynicism has limits.

  3. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    You are both missing the point in your riotous indignation. The whole point of my article is the con game being played out regarding ‘carbon offsetting’. Making money by praying on peoples guilt is a big no no. Surely Darell, even you can see that? 🙂

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