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The First Debate

Last night was extremely important for Americans as many listened and watched the first of the debates between President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney. 

However, today is another day when the Media steps in to analyze the views of America.  This is where the media can sway the results constantly harp on the pluses and minuses regarding each candidate, and most of all pick on the littlest things regarding an important night of debating.

It’s interesting how they focus on the other Presidents, remembering the article I wrote about President Roosevelt in the thirties – how we are facing nearly the same circumstances now as we did during the Great Depression.  I guest with 8.2 percent of Americans without a job, the highest since the Great Depression – we are now fighting a like battle. 

We have come a long way since the Great Depression, Americans to some point have been out of work – and technology gives us the opportunity to show differences and past Presidents. 

Let me tell you, the time when Americans agreed more with the candidates, happened when Mitt Romney mentioned his experience working with both parties, and working together – his example, his state of Massachusetts is number one in Education.  One example, since everyone is doing well in his state, and have their own Health Care System of Choice.  One thing interesting, President Obama’s health care will take 716 Billion dollars from Medicare.  Medicare?  716 billion dollars from the people who have contributed to this program since they took their first job.  One thing neither candidate mentioned is Medicare covers those with disabilities – meaning those with disabilities are included in the same group as the elderly, one of the most vulnerable groups in our country.

What about the “Board” who decides what procedures you can have;  it brings me back to the insurance companies telling the doctors what and what not they can do for their patients.  This is not fair – a doctor and a doctor alone should have the right to decide for their patients, whom they know, what is good for them.  So those Americans who disagree with the “Board” I am certainly on your side.

When the Government cracked down on doctors, abusing Medicare with false charges, it has happened to thousands of those on Medicare, and to thousands of those who are afraid to report doctors.  It is time the patient reports a bad doctor.    

Remember, we have to concentrate on jobs, affordable day to day living for families, without jobs the economy will take years to recover.  Give the banks the ability to lend money, give them back their job to help Americans.   Talk about controlling life, when proof of the pudding is – people with years of good payments on mortgages are not given the right to borrow at the present time due to the present economy and bailing out the banks who were their own enemies, raised interest rates to twenty nine percent on some of the poorest people.  In the state of New York, Sen. Hillary Clinton at the time placed a hold on what a bank could charge for interest on a loan.  Between the wars, and what our banks did to their customers, this placed us in the shape we are facing.

Remember we are facing drastic measures – and the first debate was clearly a Romney win, it makes sense, a CEO knows how to make something right, their focus is on growth and our country needs growth – jobs, lower prices, and affordable care – and let us not leave out education.

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