The Chicago Cubs Might Win the World Series!


Game Seven of the World Series, Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts bottom of the ninth, 3-0 Cubs. 

The Red Sox have the bases loaded and have taken their chances and pitched to David Ortiz, Big Papi. The pitcher misses with a fastball straight down the middle. Big Papi swings at it, like a lion who hasn’t eaten in days.

Chicago-CubsAmerican stock markets are having heart palpitations. The Chicago Cubs haven’t won the World Series for more than a century.  There are rumors the stock markets could crash, the Cubs winning is such an unlikely event.

Papi hit a long high fly ball deep to right center field, the deepest part of Fenway Park. Cubs fans are gasping. 

Red Sox fans are holding their collective breath. Stockbrokers are debating, whether to cover their eyes or not.

Vin Scully is one hundred years old and still calling the games.
I ask you, my baseball fan readers. Do you let the the Cubs outfielders catch the fly ball and possibly send the United States into th unknown? Or does the Big Papi’s blast fly deep into the New England night?  I leave this to the readers to answer.

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