Teach our Children Well


When your child’s teacher reaches for her car keys, a notebook with corrected papers, and a gun, there is something drastically wrong in this country. 

Our teachers are here to teach, and teach our children well; as a song stated from the sixties.

teacherIn the evening when I hear the if’s and’s and but’s over gun control and the classroom, all I can think about is the only real answer, to pay a policeman to guard the schools, there is no way I would want my children being taught by someone carrying a gun, the protection should come from those trained and on duty to do just that.

Teachers are in the classroom to educate, not to bring additional fear to the children.  At a recent meeting of several community schools the answer was unanimous that police should be guarding the schools, as they did until they were cut from the budget.  We must protect the children, but we cannot expect a teacher to do her job, and carry a gun.

I understand the country doesn’t feel the same about gun laws, but please, take a moment and think of the teachers and those children, they are there to learn from a professional, and the taxes we pay for school budgets can employ a policeman in schools to protect and act on any circumstance which arises.

It would be smart to speak out on this, and keep the schools a place where children learn, make friends, learn respect – don’t let your child see teachers with guns.  Please protect this law.

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